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Song of the Week – 2 June 2014

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I was trying to figure out just which song to feature this week. Should it be Bluepaprika’s “Longest Night”? Should it be Wheesung’s “Night and Day”? So hard to choose. What song really speaks for the song of the week? I decided to go with a Thai song this week. The song is “Holding On” by Nui Nantakarn from the

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Rocking April 2014

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This past month saw rock songs topping my list of favorites, thus the title of this post. I’m getting sick of saying Asian music recommendations every month, so trying something a lil different as with March Music Madness last month. I won’t be covering every song on this playlist, just my top faves that I absolutely must mention. Other songs

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Instinct x WEAVER – Light

Instinct, Weaver

OMG! I am soooo excited about this. I’ve loved WEAVER for years since their participation in the Sunao ni Narenakute soundtrack wiht “Hard to Say I Love You” and I discovered Instinct just last year thanks to their theme for a Thai drama… I have that single downloaded to my iPod, along with the acoustic version of WEAVER’s “Hard to

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