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Devil Lover Episode 6 Recap

Jealousy and friendly warnings abound! Pie takes an instant disliking to Miss Momoko and her closeness to Sora while Kirin tries to expose Kevin’s true nature as a warning to Pie to not get too close to the Lothario. Momoko is torn between her feelings for Sora and her duty to khun Soji while Sora begins to experience symptoms while

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Devil Lover Episode 4 Recap

More answers are coming along with even more questions as a new secret has been revealed. Momoko has shown herself to Sora but is afraid he’ll hate her for helping Uncle Soji and hilarity ensues when Sora tries to act as Pie’s lover. After a literally explosive first episode, there’s more humor than seriousness right now, but you know the

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Devil Lover Episode 3 Recap

Always a complex drama. I think it will take awhile before all our puzzle pieces start coming together. Now that we are adding Pie’s parents into the mix, things are just getting more complicated…oh and let’s not forget that Kirin (remember he’s Pie’s bestie) is taking a shine to Momoko (who has a crush on Sora after watching over him

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