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Oh! My Lady Episode 5 Recap

Chae Rim, Choi Si Won

Min Woo is a dad! And his manager finds out! More fights between Gae Hwa and her jerk of an ex. Gae Hwa and Min Woo bond even more! Plus, more Min Woo bashing (this time behind his back and not to his face). Gae Hwa finds out about her boss’s wife’s affair, what should she do? Add in Min Woo’s manager threatening Gae Hwa and this episode is complete.

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Oh! My Lady Episode 4 Recap

Chae Rim, Choi Siwon

Gae Hwa agrees to become Ye Eun’s temporary mother and gets Min Woo to let her move in. Min Woo meets with old crush Yu Ra who wants him to model for her aunt’s company. Things at The Show Company aren’t going smooth at all with Min Woo and Shi Joon butting heads. Ye Eun’s condition is explained and Gae Hwa steals Min Woo’s toothbrush for a paternity test. Throw in a crazy supermarket chase and it’s one good episode.

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Oh! My Lady Episode 3 Recap

Chae Rim

Min Ji’s father takes a trip out of town with his new wife leaving Min Ji alone. Min Woo breaks down and agrees to sign the contract if Gae Hwa helps take care of Ye Eun. Shi Joon finds out his wife is cheating on him and we learn about Gae Hwa’s ex cheating on her as well.

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