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Ruby Ring Episode 6 Recap

Ruby Ring Episode 6

So, when desperate times call for desperate measures, you call up the man whose heart you just shredded and promise to marry him if he comes with you to your abortion. Aish. Really? We do get scenes where it looks like the writers are trying to show that Runa is not completely evil, but when bad decisions always win over

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Ruby Ring Episode 5 recap

Ruby Ring

And things are starting to reach breaking point number 1. While Ruby and Gyeongmin’s relationship is finally back on track and Cho Rim and Gil Ja mend fences, Runa’s greed keeps her spiraling downhill faster and faster—especially when Insu does something to get in the way of her beloved career. Truthfully, given everything that’s happened in the first four episodes,

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Ruby Ring Episode 4 Recap

Lee Hyeon Woo

I know I mentioned a birth secret in the episode 3 recap. It doesn’t show up until this episode, which also cements that Gyeongmin’s mother does not approve of Ruby or her background no matter how good a girl Ruby is. And Runa? She does what we all expect her to do. She throws tantrums and blames In Soo and

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Ruby Ring Episode 3 Recap

Ruby Ring E.03

I’ve now caught up to the original episodes I watched of this series a few weeks ago. I totally forgot about the whole birth secret. I mean, isn’t that just a bit unnecessary at this point given the overall plot of fraternal twins getting their identities switched thanks to confusion over who was who due a bad accident scarring their

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Ruby Ring Banner

Ruby Ring banner

Needs some fine tuning, but I have actually got a banner ready at the beginning of my recapping! Go me! I need to figure out how to mute the color from the main guys’ faces to match the women’s and clean up the edges a bit. Why is it so hard to find a Kyung Min picture that is the

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Ruby Ring Episodes 1-2 Recap

Ruby Ring main cast

The premise behind this daily kdrama (clocking in at only 93 episodes) is that fraternal twin sisters are involved in a car accident. The younger twin Runa is mistaken for older twin Ruby thanks to the ring she was wearing during the accident. Thus Ruby’s face is given to Runa and Runa’s face is given to Ruby. Let’s ignore how

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Dong Yi Episode 7 Recap

Sukjong and Dong Yi are saved by the police, Lady Jang sweeps the Queen’s mess under a rug so Myeongseong will owe her, Dong Yi and the music school receive great honors. The music school gets new management (relatives of the conniving western minister Oh), triad officer is jealous of Sukjong’s favor of Seo. Dong Yi finally screws up the courage to ask Lady Jang about what happened six years ago.

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Dong Yi Episode 6 Recap

Dong Yi escapes, goes for help and gets yelled at for lying. Dong Yi and Young Dal get caught snooping. The Dowager Queen worries that Jang Ok Jung is onto her plot. The rumor of musical discordance spreads. Officer Seo is back in full force and King Sukjong leaves palace to investigate himself to prove Lady Jang’s innocence. More trouble and plotting and hiding and running and getting caught.

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Dong Yi Episode 5 Recap

Dong Yi gets caught up in more schemes revolving around politics, murder, and the new royal concubine. Civil unrest, musical discord, a meteorite, and a king who is funny and yet lame all at the same time. Also, Dong Yi has found the court lady she has been looking for just as Officer Seo comes back to the capital. Will the truth finally be revealed?

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