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First Impressions: Liar Game

Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun, Shin Sung Rok

Another classic manga which was previously turned into a Japanese drama gets a Korean drama. We have the romantic comedy Nodame’s Cantabile (called Tomorrow’s Cantabile aka Nae Il’s Cantabile for the Korean remake) and we have the psychological drama Liar’s Game. Now, I’m not quite certain just how popular the Japanese drama LIAR GAME was, but I’m fairly certain it

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Kdrama After School: Lucky or Not Review


This drama series, also known as See You After School or a bunch of other titles, consists of twelve fifteen minute episodes. It’s a hybrid of a web toon being mixed with a drama to give a more manga-like effect. And this is something I’ve seen more so in certain Japanese and Taiwanese dramas versus Korean dramas. The effects harken

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