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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 3

Lee Donghae, Kim Jae Kyung

Lee Donghae has arrived and his Han Shi Woo is no relation to Han Jin Woo. Shucks. That being said, he’s a huge fan of Jin Woo and sees him as a role model and mentor. I was missing the (sometimes perverted) cuteness between Seong Do and Jin Woo and here is another guy added into the picture. Although…as much

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 2

Ryu Duk Hwan

A bit of a rough patch for our main couple. You can totally understand why uri Jin Woo-ssi would be a little ticked off. Of course, he is also wrong in not considering just why Kyung Hee made that decision, you know? But she also didn’t understand his torture and torment of two years ago and what he went through

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Episode 1

Did I cover the first three seasons? That would be a negative. But that won’t stop me from covering this one now that I have officially completed the third season which aired in 2012. The premise of the first season was one that caught my attention right away, but when no English subtitles were found for a long time, I

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