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Jdrama Review: N no Tame ni

N no Tame ni poster

It’s actually amazing that a plot can be created that wasn’t boring and kept you guessing. What you thought was the truth really wasn’t and who you thought was innocent was guilty while the guilty were innocent. Oh…the feels this drama created! That is not to say there was no faults. There always is, isn’t there? But the good parts

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Asuko March! Episode 8 Recap

Asuko March! episode 8

The 2nd semester has officially started at Asuko and Nao has noticed that she is becoming more mentally and emotionally immersed in technical high school life. She is having a discussion about voltages on soldering irons for microchips when the boys comment on how Nao wears her work clothes more than her uniform now. She replies that she is more

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