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Legal Mavericks Episode 2 Recap

This show is really fast-paced and I find this a complete hoot to watch. The characters are distinctive and quirky and there is a nice mix of comedy and drama. I definitely am recommending this show to anyone who likes a well-balanced legal drama. If you like romance, this might not be your thing as I’m not sure you are

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Legal Mavericks Episode 1 Recap

Legal Mavericks is a 2017 Hong Kong drama which aired on TVB Jade and iQiyi earlier this summer. As this is from Hong Kong, the language is not Mandarin, but Cantonese. The drama follows a blind lawyer who loves to take on cases that involve the disabled to see they get justice. By his side is a clerk whose father

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Asian Drama Streaming Updates – September 29, 2015

Sung Hoon, Jaekyung

It’s officially the last of September. Where has this year gone? Before I delve into the streaming updates of dramas, movies, and anime, just a quick reminder to check out the final 5-year anniversary giveaway which has a Viki Pass, Crunchyroll subscription, and Hulu gift card up for grabs! You have until Midnight, September 30 (technically October 1) to enter!

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