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EXO Releases What is Love

EXO - What is Love

Um, okay. The official MVs have been launched. We get the Chinese version with EXO-M and the Korean version with EXO-K. Their <<unofficial>> debut song (because…this is still just teasing…I don’t get pre-debut releases…just call it a debut already) is really nice. Not completely spectacular after all the hype, but still really good. I do admit to not liking the videos.

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EXO Teaser 7

Kai, Sehun, EXO

You know SM Entertainment, maybe it’s time to put Kai to rest and really focus on the other members of EXO. I mean, you say that there is a dozen boys in this group and you’ve not even introduced half of them yet. Why is it that like ALL teasers save for one features Kai? It makes me feel bad

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EXO Teasers


I refuse to weigh in on this battle. So many people hating these groups before they even officially debut. I can say that from Kai’s teaser, I am not sure how I feel about the vocal skills as of yet. Not bad, but not necessarily earth-shattering amazing. The next two teasers don’t really feature any vocals and have more instrumental

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