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Song of the Week – 23 June 2014

Minase, D=OUT

I am trying hard to NOT solely feature Korean music. I was thinking of featuring History’s “Psycho” but I’m still working out my feelings on that song. In a away, it reminds me a bit of their last release in certain elements of the song. Anywho, I was wondering what song to feature when I spotted a new D=OUT [pronounced

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Members :: Discography ダウト [Dauto or D=OUT] is a Japanese visual kei band that debuted in December of 2006 and gained nearly instant popularity. They mix jazz sounds with pop rock riffs. They also stand out from other bands thanks to the voice of their vocalist which is definitely not a usual one, but it is rather good once you

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Peace and Smile Carnival 2011

2011 PSC Carnival Day 1

PSC announced via their official twitter account [@psc_official] about the current lineup for their Peace & Smile Carnival!!! It isn’t completely filled up yet as there are spots still open, but it is pretty much decided on. How I wish I was in Japan and could go see some of my favorite visual kei/jrock bands live. Alas, too expensive :P.

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