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June Anniversary Giveaway Week #1

Matsushita Yuya, Nishii Yukito

Happy June! The anime giveaway is officially over and congratulations to our final winner avellend581! Howl’s Moving Castle is now yours! Such a wonderful movie. If you entered the anime giveaway, but did not win a prize, you are automatically entered to win the 1-year Crunchyroll subscription that will be given away at the end of this month!

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Liebster Award 2015

liebster award

This award is really to honor newbie bloggers, so Asian Addicts Anonymous doesn’t fit that requirement. This site turned 5 in February and has seen over 2 million hits and has a few hundred followers. That being said, warm fuzzies and thanks to missienelly at My Myooz for nominating me. I do feel special as when I first started blogging

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Flashback Thursday #2

Oh! My Lady

Let’s rewind to 2010. More specifically, May. Asian Addicts Anonymous is only 5 months old. Why is May such a special month in AAA‘s first year? Because it’s the month when NeeNee finished recapping her first series ever! *Throws Confetti* I don’t count Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge in the recap category because I really didn’t write recaps for the drama,

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Flashback Thursday #1

It seems like for a few months or more last year on social media, friends kept doing throwback/flashback whatever Thursdays…or was it Fridays… I so wasn’t in the loop, lol. I thought it was only fitting to do a Flashback series in honor of Asian Addicts Anonymous turning five years old this year. So each week for at least the

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5 Year Blogaversary


I can’t believe it’s been officially five years blogging as of today. I had all these big ideas about how I wanted to celebrate such a special milestone…that didn’t happen. I will be doing something special, but at this time, I just can’t put much into celebrating on the actual anniversary itself, but do expect that in the coming months

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2014: Looking Back

So here we are at the beginning of another new year. It actually all seems rather surreal given recent events in my personal life. I’ve looked back at my lofty goals for 2014 and must say I didn’t meet any of them, lol. Well, new year resolutions are always meant to be broken, aren’t they? I didn’t get the number

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New Blog Discoveries

Happy November. It’s warm, it’s cold. It gets dark super early. White stuff has already been spotted. Time to cuddle up watch dramas, listen to music, read good books, and peruse good blogs. And by peruse…I mean study deeply, not casually look. Two new discoveries: dramachaser – drama and reality show recaps. I like reading the Roommate ones. They are

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