Asian Dramas Streaming on Netflix with English Subtitles

This is a list of Asian dramas currently streaming on Netflix with English subtitles. By dramas, I mean television series, not movies. I try to keep this list updated to the best of my ability. If you know of anything I am missing, please nicely tell me about.

Last updated: March 2, 2020

Currently Available

Chinese Dramas

  1. Accidentally In Love Season 1
  2. American Factory [documentary]
  3. Ashes of Love [Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost]
  4. Best Lover [NOT dubbed, this is both in Korean and Mandarin]
  5. Chosen Seasons 1-2
  6. Day and Night
  7. Diamond Lover
  8. Dancing Angels [Fei Chang Nu Sheng]
  9. Eternal Love [10 Miles of Peach Blossoms]
  10. Find Yourself
  11. The Ghost Bride 
  12. Handsome Siblings 
  13. Here to Heart
  14. Ice Fantasy
  15. I Hear You
  16. The King’s Avatar 
  17. King’s War [Legend of Chu and Han]
  18. The Legend of White Snake 2019
  19. A Little Thing Called First Love
  20. Love o2o [One Smile is Very Alluring]
  21. A Love So Beautiful
  22. Meteor Garden 2018
  23. Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain 
  24. Pretty Man
  25. The Prince of Tennis ~Match! Tennis Juniors~ 
  26. The Princess Weiyoung
  27. Put Your Head on My Shoulder
  28. Qin Empire: Alliance
  29. The Rise of Phoenixes
  30. Somewhere Only We know 
  31. Story of Yanxi Palace [Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures]
  32. Take My Brother Away
  33. Tientsin Mystic
  34. Unrequited Love 
  35. The Untamed
  36. Wait, My Youth
  37. Well-Intended Love Season 1

Filipino Dramas

  1. AMO

Hong Kong Dramas

  1. The Defected
  2. OCTB
  3. Sexy Central

Indian Dramas

  1. 21 Sargarosh Saragarhi 1897
  2. Agent Raghav
  3. Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit
  4. Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan
  5. Bard of Blood 
  6. Bh Se Bhade
  7. Bhaage Re Mann
  8. Buddha
  9. College Romance 
  10. Darr Sabko Lagta Hai
  11. Delhi Crime
  12. Dharmakshetra
  13. Engineering Girls
  14. Fear Files… Har Mod Pe Darr
  15. Gabru: Hip Hop Rrvolution 
  16. GHOUL 
  17. InMates
  18. Khan: No. 1 Crime Hunter
  19. Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega
  20. Jhansi Ki Rani
  21. Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi
  22. Khotey Sikkey
  23. Leila [2019]
  24. Little Things Seasons 1-3
  25. Maharakshak Devi
  26. Maharakshak: Aryan
  27. Mahi Way
  28. Mere Papa  Hero Hiralal
  29. My Life My Story
  30. Powder
  31. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 
  32. Rab Se Sohna Isshq
  33. Ramayam
  34. Razia Sultan
  36. Sacred Games Seasons 1-2
  37. Satrangi
  38. Selection Day
  39. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore
  40. Swami Baba Ramdev: The Untold Story
  41. Thackeray 
  42. Typewriter
  43. Yeh Meri Family

Indian Television Shows

  1. Classic Legends with Javed Akhtar [2012]
  2. The Creative Indians [2017]
  3. Cricket Fever Mumbai Indians [2019]
  4. The House that Made Me Seasons 1-3
  5. My Life Story [2017]
  6. Queens of Comedy [2017]
  7. Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan [2014]

Japanese Dramas

  1. Atelier 
  2. Blazing Transfer Students
  3. The Could’ve-Gone-All-the-Way Committee
  4. Erased
  5. Final Fantasy XIV: Father of Light
  7. Giri/Haji [aka Duty/Shame]
  8. Good Morning Call Seasons 1 & 2
  9. HIBANA -Spark- 
  10. Jimmy ~The True Story of a True Idiot~
  11. Kakegurui Seasons 1-2
  12. Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman (aka Salaryman Kantaro)
  13. Love and Fortune
  14. Love and Hong Kong
  15. The Many Faces of Ito (aka Ito-kun A to E)
  16. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories Seasons 1-2
  17. Million Yen Women
  18. Mob Psycho 100
  19. My Husband Won’t Fit
  20. My Little Lover ~Minami-kun no Koibito
  21. The Naked Director
  22. Re:Mind
  23. Samurai Gourmet
  24. Scams
  25. Smoking
  26. Stay Tuned!
  27. Switched

Japanese Television Shows

  1. Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey Seasons 1-2
  2. Ainori Love Wagon: African Journey
  3. ARASHI’s Diary Voyage
  4. Japanese Style Originator
  5. REA(L)OVE
  6. Spiritual House
  7. Terrace House

Korean Dramas

  1. 12 Years Promise
  2. 28 Moons
  3. Abyss 
  4. Age of Youth Seasons 1 & 2 [listed under Hello, My Twenties!]
  5. Another Miss Oh 
  6. Argon
  7. Arthdal Chronicles 
  8. Bad Guys
  9. Bad Guys: Vile City (or Evil City or Age of Evil)
  10. Because It’s My First Love [listed under My First First Love] Seasons 1-2
  11. Because This is My First Life
  12. Black
  13. Boys Over Flowers
  14. Bride of the Water God [listed under The Bride of Habaek]
  15. Bring It On, Ghost
  16. Cain and Able
  17. Can We Get Married?
  18. Cheese in the Trap 
  19. Chicago Typewriter 
  20. Chief of Staff Seasons 1-2
  21. Chocolate
  22. Cinderella & the Four Knights
  23. Color of Woman
  24. Crash Landing on You 
  25. The Cravings Seasons 1 & 2
  26. Designated Survivor: 60 Days 
  27. Dramaworld
  28. Fall in Love with Soon Jung/Falling for Innocence [listed under Beating Again]
  29. Fantastic
  30. Gap Dong
  31. Good-bye Mr. Black
  32. Goodbye, My Wife (aka Goodbye Dear Wife/Goodbye Wife)
  33. Happy And (possibly alternate title to Happy Ending?)
  34. Heaven’s Garden
  35. Heirs [listed under Inheritors]
  36. Hi Bye, Mama
  37. Hyena 2020
  38. Hymn of Death (aka Death Song/Praise of Death)
  39. Immortal Classic
  40. In Need of Romance [2011]
  41. In Need of Romance 2012
  42. In Need of Romance 3
  43. Iris
  44. Itaewon Class
  45. Jumping Girl
  46. The K2
  47. K-POP Extreme Survival
  48. Kingdom Seasons 1-2
  49. A Korean Odyssey (aka Hwayugi)
  50. The Lady in Dignity (aka Woman of Dignity) – leaving 1/30/20
  51. Last
  52. Let’s Eat
  53. The Liar & His Lover
  54. LIFE [2018]
  55. LIVE
  56. Live Up to Your Name
  57. Love Alarm 
  58. Love Cells (Seasons 1-2)
  59. Love for Ten: Generation of Youth
  60. Love Rain (or Watch on Viki)
  61. Magic Phone
  62. A Man Called God
  63. Man to Man
  64. Memories of the Alhambra 
  65. The Miracle
  66. Mirror of the Witch [listed under Secret Healer]
  67. Misaeng [listed under Incomplete Life]
  68. Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog
  69. Ms. Temper & Nam Joon Gi [listed under My Horrible Boss]
  70. Mr. Sunshine
  71. Momo Salon
  72. My Country: The New Age 
  73. My Holo Love
  74. My Little Baby
  75. My Love, Eun Dong [listed under This is My Love]
  76. My Only Love Song
  77. My Runway
  78. My Sassy Girl 
  79. My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week [listed under Listen to Love]
  80. Nightmare High (aka Nightmare Teacher)
  81. Nine: Nine Time Travels
  82. Noble, My Love
  83. Oh My Ghost (aka Oh My Ghostess)
  84. One More Time
  85. One Spring Night 
  86. Operation Proposal
  87. The Outstanding Woman
  88. Part-Time Idol
  89. Persona
  90. Possessed (OCN 2019)
  91. President
  92. Prison Playbook
  93. Quiz from God (aka God’s Quiz) Seasons 1-4
  94. Ready for Start
  95. Reply 1988
  96. Reply 1994
  97. Reply 1997
  98. Romance is a Bonus Book
  99. Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung 
  100. Save Me [2017]
  101. Second 20s
  102. Secret Love Affair [listed under Secret Affair]
  103. Signal
  104. Solomon’s Perjury
  105. Something in the Rain (aka Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food/Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)
  106. The Sound of Your Heart
  107. The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Seasons 1-2
  108. Spark
  109. Stranger (aka Secret Forest)
  110. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [listed under Strong Girl Bong-Soon]
  111. Suits
  112. To Be Continued
  113. Tomorrow, With You 
  114. Tong
  115. Tunnel
  116. Under the Black Moonlight
  117. Vagabond 
  118. Voice
  119. What in the World Happened? 
  120. White Nights
  121. YG Future Strategy Office

Korean Television Shows

  1. Abnormal Summit 2 seasons
  2. Busted Seasons 1-2
  3. Chef & My Fridge (aka Please Take Care of My Refrigerator)
  4. The Homecoming
  5. Hidden Singer
  6. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast Seasons 1-2
  7. Men on a Mission (aka Knowing Bros)
  8. Witch Hunt

Malaysian Dramas

  1. The Adjusters Seasons 1-2
  2. Age of Glory Seasons 1-2
  3. Ajaibnya Cinta
  4. Akulah Balqis
  5. Away from Home
  6. The Beat
  7. Bibik-Bibikku
  8. Cinta 100KG
  9. Cinta Iris
  10. Cinta Si Wedding Planner
  11. Cinta Teruna Kimchi
  12. Dawai Asmara
  13. Dhia Sofea
  14. Exclusive Edition
  15. Footprints in the Sand
  16. Forget Me Not
  17. Glowing Embers
  18. Goodnight DJ
  19. Hati Perempuan
  20. In Laws
  21. The Iron Lady
  22. Justice in the City
  23. Kopitiam Seasons 1-7
  24. Laws of Attraction
  25. The Liar
  26. Mak Kun
  27. Mind Game
  28. The Missing Menu
  29. Moving On [in English featuring a cast from the Philippines and Malaysia]
  30. Padamu Aku Bersujud
  31. Persona
  32. Satu Hari
  33. Secret of Success
  34. Show Me the Money Seasons 1-2
  35. Timeless Season
  36. Trio & a Bed
  37. Tundukkan Playboy Itu
  38. Unchained Fate
  39. Wadi

Pakistani Dramas

  1. Humsafar
  2. Khaani 
  3. Sadqay Tumhare
  4. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Singaporean Dramas

  1. Against the Tide
  2. Bountiful Blessings
  3. Breakout
  4. The Dream Catchers
  5. The Dream Job
  6. Entangled
  7. Family Court
  8. The Golden Path
  9. The In-Laws
  10. La Femme
  11. The Little Nyonya
  12. Mystic Whispers
  13. The Oath
  14. Singapore Social 
  15. Spice Up
  16. Sudden
  17. Through It All
  18. Together
  19. The Truth
  20. The Truth Seekers
  21. The Ultimatum
  22. Unriddle Seasons 1-2
  23. World at Your Feet
  24. Yes We Can!
  25. Yours Fatefully

Singaporean Television Shows

  1. Commandos [documentary]

Taiwanese Dramas

  1. Age of Rebellion
  2. At the Dolphin Bay [aka A Promise of Love at the Dolphin Bay]
  3. Autumn’s Concerto
  4. Back to 1989
  5. Be With Me
  6. Be With You
  7. Bromance
  8. Candy Online 
  9. Days We Stared at the Sun
  10. Deja Vu
  11. Easy Fortune Happy Life
  12. Ex-Boyfriend
  13. Fall in Love with Me
  14. Fated to Love You [listed under You’re My Destiny]
  15. The Fierce Wife
  16. A Good Wife
  17. Green Door
  18. Happy 300 Days
  19. The Happy Times of That Year [listed under The Year of Happiness and Love]
  20. In Between
  21. Inborn Pair
  22. An Innocent Mistake
  23. Iron Ladies
  24. Just You
  25. KO Series
  26. La Grande Chaumiere Violette
  27. La Robe De Mariage Des Cieux (aka Heaven’s Wedding Gown)
  28. Lavender
  29. Lion Pride
  30. Love Around
  31. Love at Seventeen
  32. Love Cheque Charge
  33. Love Cuisine
  34. Love Family
  35. Love Me or Leave Me
  36. Love Now
  37. Lucky Days
  38. Memory Love
  39. Miss in Kiss
  40. Miss Rose
  41. Murphy’s Law of Love
  42. My Dear Boy
  43. My MVP Valentine 
  44. My Queen [listed under Queen of No Marriage]
  45. Office Girls
  46. On Children
  47. The Outsiders
  48. Nowhere Man 
  49. Play Ball [listed under Game Winning Hit]
  50. The Perfect Match
  51. Prince Who Turns Into a Frog
  52. P.S. Man [listed under Womanizer]
  53. Q Series
  54. Refresh Man
  55. See You in Time
  56. Single Ladies Senior
  57. Singles Villa
  58. Someone Like You
  59. A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities
  60. A Thousand Goodnights
  61. Til Death Do Us Part
  62. Triad Princess
  63. Two Fathers
  64. Wake Up & Wake Up 2: Never Give Up
  65. Way Back Into Love
  66. Westside Story 
  67. What Is Love?
  68. When I See You Again
  69. Who’s the One

Thai Dramas

  1. Bangkok Buddies
  2. Bangkok Love Stories
  3. Beauty and the Bitches Seasons 1-2 [2016]
  4. Behind the Newsroom
  5. Castle of Stars (aka Kay Hard Dao)
  6. The Charming Stepmom [Mae Mod Jao Sanae]
  7. Chut Nat Fan [listed under Reality of Dream]
  8. Club Friday The Series 6
    • The Wrong One
    • The Fortune
    • Best Friend
    • Unable Love
    • The Liar
    • Changed
    • Playboy
    • Too Much in Love
    • Trust
  9. Club Friday The Series 7
    • The Fault of Love
    • Online Love
    • The Boring Girl Who I Love
    • Game of Love
    • True Love
    • Home
    • Choice
  10. Club Friday The Series 8
    • True Love…or Conquest
    • True Love…or Bond
    • True Love…or Pleasure
    • True Love…or Sympathy
    • True Love…or Hope
    • True Love…or Old Flame
    • True Love…or Confusion
  11. Club Friday To Be Continued
  12. Girl from Nowhere: The Series
  13. Hormones Seasons 1-3
  14. The Judgement
  15. Kham Tob Samrab Sawan [listed under Answer for Heaven]
  16. Kiss: The Series 
  17. Lah [listed under Revenge]
  18. Love Rhythms The Series: Accidental Daddy
  19. Love Sick Season 1
  20. Lovey Dovey
  21. Luead Khon Kon Jang [listed under In Family We Trust]
  22. Melodies of Life: Born this Way 
  23. Miss Culinary [Nang Sao Kon Krua]
  24. Monkey Twins 
  25. My Dear Warrior [Mahatsajan Ruk Karm Gradart]
  26. Oh My Ghost 
  27. O-Negative 
  28. Petchakard Dao Jorn [listed under Fatal Destiny] 
  29. Pidsawat [listed under Blood & Treasures] 
  30. Project S The Series
    • Spike!
    • Side by Side
    • S.O.S.
    • Shoot! I Love You
  31. Roonpi Seceret Love [2016]
    • My Lil Boy
    • Puppy Honey
    • Bake Me Love
  32. Sleepless Society [2019]
  33. SOTUS The Series [2016]
  34. The Stranded [2019]
  35. Thirteen Terrors [2014]
  36. Tunnel [2019]
  37. Ugly Duckling [2015]
    • Perfect Match
    • Pity Girl
    • Don’t
    • Boy’s Paradise
  38. The Underwear [2017]
  39. Voice [2019]

Thai Television Shows

  1. Ha Unlimited Seasons 1-2
  2. Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening (docuseries)
  3. Kon Kon Kon [2014]

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  • Is there a UK version of this list?

    The reason I ask is that the list of dramas on Netflix UK is a little different compared to what you have up there like IRIS was recently added but I guess for the US version, it used to be there and then was taken off.

    • I wish I could have multiple versions of this list, but being US-based, I don’t know how to check availability in other countries.

  • Dorcas Nkrumah

    I think Boys Over Flowers is back on Netflix

  • Seeking help! I watched this drama on Netflix that I loved but I can’t remember the name. And I have looked all over and I don’t see it. Can anyone help me with the name of it? It’s about the worst school of the town. The students are in the worst building in RM 309 (or 306 I believe). They get a new teacher that portrays as a weak teacher but is actually the adopted son of a bad guy. The show follows the students life. One of the kids is bullied on a daily basis that leads to him selling drugs in the school. The other is about the bad boy in school and falling in love with the new girl that is an escort to pay for her stepdads drinking problem. And the other is about a good boy, his crush and his best friend. The teacher helps these students a lot and the students start liking him when they usually hate teachers.

    • Do you know if it was Korean, Chinese, etc?

      • No, sadly I don’t

      • I saw it two months ago on Netflix and now I don’t see it anymore

        • Doesn’t sound 100% familiar to me. There are a lot of school dramas around with similar plots. One of the most recent school dramas removed was Seonam Girls High School Investigators, but that doesn’t sound like it could be it. There is God of Study/Master of Study, but that has been off Netflix in the US for a long time now. Wish I could be of more help. I don’t think I Am Sam/I Am Your Teacher was ever on Netflix and I know Junglefish wasn’t as those two stick out at me as “maybe”.

    • It’s a Taiwanese drama called Age of Rebellion.

  • Is it just me or the C Drama The Rise of Phoenixes is only a trailer? I can’t actually watch the drama and the episodes aren’t listed. Do you know if it’s like that for everyone or just me? Whatever the case do you maybe know how I can find out when it will actually be available to watch? Thanks in advance!

  • Dancing Angels looks like it is 非常女生 with

  • Your post is on Oct 15th, and as of Oct 16th the Dramafever site has officially closed…

    • The irony. I hadn’t been on Dramafever too much recently to know there were some red flag happenings. It is sad but not wholly surprising that they decided to shut down.

  • I’m looking for this drama about a girl who moved to several schools and is now on highschool. Rumors have already spread about her giving bad luck to people with a touch. A dude who plays baseball doesn’t believe those rumors and starts to fall for her while her childhood friend also does to. She told her childhood friend I’ll date you if you get taller than me. Another kid in 1st year also has a secret of meeting her before. A school delinquent also has a past with her.

    This is about how far I got in the drama.
    I want to find the name but can’t find it on Netflix. I looked on my list and continue watching but can’t find it.

    I hope someone can help me find it again. Thank you.

    • I’m looking for this drama about a girl who moved to several schools and is now on highschool. Rumors have already spread about her giving bad luck to people with a touch. A dude who plays baseball doesn’t believe those rumors and starts to fall for her while her childhood friend also does to. She told her childhood friend I’ll date you if you get taller than me. Another kid in 1st year also has a secret of meeting her before. A school delinquent also has a past with her.

      This is about how far I got in the drama.
      I want to find the name but can’t find it on Netflix. I looked on my list and continue watching but can’t find it.

      I hope someone can help me find it again. Thank you.

      I also believe that she had different choices and it showed each choice as if you can choose her love story

    • Found it

    • That is the drama Click Your Heart starring the members of SF9. Unfortunately DramaFever was the on streaming the drama and no other streaming site like Netflix, Viki, or Kocowa are currently streaming it with subs.

  • Venus Bondoc Llantos

    I just come across this page but I only see one filipino movie listed? There’s plenty of philippine movie drama listed in Netflix?

    • This list is dramas only. I don’t keep an updated list of movies. I do have a post pinned on the home page right now that does name the latest movies, many from the Philippines.

  • Thank you for updating this! I loved the few Malaysian dramas on Viki and was really disappointed to see a lack of other subbed dramas available for viewing. I hope Netflix continues to grow their collection of international TV shows. Don’t get me wrong. I still love a good K-drama but Malaysia and Thailand provide good options, as well. There’s definitely an audience for it. 😊

    • I would love to see more Asian dramas and movies hit Netflix, especially Japanese. I am excited for the new Malaysian dramas. Hopefully I manage to watch them before they leave. I had some dramas bookmarked to watch and then never did and Netflix stopped streaming them. 😦

  • I really liked this show and I searched through all the names but I can’t remember what it was called! It’s absolutley driving me insane. It was about a guy who only does one-night-stands but ends up falling in love with another girl. He’s a total player and once she finds out what his intentions were, she doesn’t want to be with him. He tries everything to be with her and eventually does.

  • All I really remember about the show was that Pei-an Lo played as her father? Help??

  • I’m in deep trouble with my asian drama addiction, I have four TVs in the house, each connected to Netflix with a different drama streaming…..I even started to learn Mandarin!! I don’t know how to stop, someone help!

  • Can you also please make a list of Asian dramas on amazon prime? There’s so many on there.

  • Thanks for keeping this list updated.

    Wanted to let you know that you have a couple of Dramafever links at the bottom of the list for some shows that are no longer on Netflix.

  • Do you remember the name of one of the Asian shows where there is a hotel baker? She thinks she likes a gentleman that comes into the shop until he criticizes her cake. Then she finds out he is actually her boss from the hotel. The two end up living across the hall from each other as well. In the end he comes to her for bakery lessons and they fall in love with each other. Does this ring a bell? I can not remember the title and I am not sure if Netflix took that show off or not.

  • Thank for the list! It would really nice to know which shows are dubbed in English on Netflix.

  • Mae Mod Jao Sanae (the charming stepmom), Miss Culinary, Tunnel (Thailand remake) – Thailand

  • Hi! Help? Looking for an asian series that I watched on Netflix and poof it was gone! I watched it sometime between 2013 and 2016 sorry bad time memory.

    The story starts with a young man who has asthma looking for a special soup for his grandmother. Turns out he has to go back in time to get the soup. The rest of the story is centered around the young man crossing time with the chef who created the soup. He is able to cross time wearing a special family medallion while drinking the family’s wedding wine under the full moon. So two couples evolve and in the end the females stay permanently in the opposite time frames.

  • I was hoping someone could help me find a particular show. I believe it was on Netflix but I can not find it. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name but I remember that the picture for the show was of two men facing away from each other. The man on the right had grayish/white hair while the left had darker hair(brown/black). I don’t remember what to show was about but I think the man with gray/white hair was an actor/ idol in the show.

    I know it’s not a lot to go on but I’m hoping someone remembers it, I was really hoping to rewatch it.

    Thank you.

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