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Jdrama Review: Akagi

Hongo Kanata as Akagi

Akagi is a 10 episode Japanese drama that aired this past summer. This is a live action based off a manga (Akagi ~ Yami ni Oritatta Tensai) by Fukumoto Nobuyuki. After the manga came the 26 episode anime series followed by two live action movies in the 90s. The drama follows genius gambler Akagi Shigeru as he sets out to

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Jdrama Review: Tohai Season 1

Maeda Goki as K/Kei

Tohai [凍牌] is a 2013 Japanese drama that revolves around high school student K [Maeda Goki] who is a gifted mahjong player. When his family ends up leaving Japan (I think his mom, dad, and sister leave for his father’s work), he remains in an apartment by himself and unwittingly gets sucked into the dangerous world of underground mahjong. At

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My Sunshine Episodes 1-15

My Sunshine cdrama cast

Since I discovered My Sunshine Director’s Cut, I had to dive into the actual entire drama itself as too much went unexplained in the four episode version of the drama. I wish I could say that my curiosity was completely satisfied by watching the full drama, but what I most wanted explain hasn’t really been explained and I sincerely doubt

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Cdrama Review: My Sunshine Director’s Cut

My Sunshine cdrama cast

The only thing I’ve ever watched director’s cuts of is movies. I don’t necessarily like the director’s cut any better than the original as there usually isn’t anything too different with certain aspects. When it comes to dramas, I’ve stayed away from director’s cuts or the shortened movie versions of completed dramas. When I initially started watching My Sunshine Director’s

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Moon River Episodes 11-14 Review

Evan, Sam, Pets Tseng

Oh, despite the drawbacks this show does have, there is a lot of goodies to be had. So much cuteness with our OTP in this batch of episodes. Of course, there’s also tons of problems that only keep snowballing more and more and since there’s still life 15 episodes left, there’s a lot more melodrama and heartbreak on the way.

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Kdrama Review: Noble, My Love

Sung Hoon, Jaekyung

Nothing like marathoning short web dramas now that the seasons are turning. Rain and cold weather have made their way into Michigan and it makes a person curl up and watch dramas. Even better is catching up on completed dramas. Web dramas seem to becoming more and more trendy as more and more keep popping up.

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Moon River Episodes 1-6 Review

Sam from Spexial, Pets Tseng

I remember like last week coming across a social media post about yet another version of Hana Yori Dango, but I’m guessing they meant that the stories seem a bit similar because currently airing Moon River is based on a novel of the same name by Ming Xiao Xi. I tried to find a publication date, but the only thing

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Kdrama Review: To Be Continued

To Be Continued poster

Just like Fantagio launched their acting idol group 5urprise with the drama After School: Lucky or Not, they are launching baby idol group Astro with the drama To Be Continued. And when I say babies, I mean babies. The maknae of the group was actually born in 2000! He’s only 15. It just seems so crazy to have millennial babies

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