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Cdrama Review: Love O2O

In a drama world that believes the path of true love must be fraught with a million hurdles and misunderstandings and several break ups before a final make up, Chinese drama Love O2O is like a breath of fresh air. The interesting thing is that there a many situations for the leading couple to misunderstand each other…but they really don’t

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Jdrama Review: N no Tame ni

N no Tame ni poster

It’s actually amazing that a plot can be created that wasn’t boring and kept you guessing. What you thought was the truth really wasn’t and who you thought was innocent was guilty while the guilty were innocent. Oh…the feels this drama created! That is not to say there was no faults. There always is, isn’t there? But the good parts

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Kdrama Review: White Christmas

White Christmas 2011 Kdrama

While the title sounds like it should be a warm and fuzzy holiday drama, this short drama series, part of KBS’s Drama Specials, is anything but. Located in the mountains of Gangwando is Soo Sin High School, an elite private school where the top 0.1% students of the country matriculate. The only break the students get is for 8 days

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Kdrama Review: Last Scandal

Choi Jung Sil, Jung Joon Ho

Because we all need a little romance in our life after marathoning two mystery/thriller Korean dramas! And since I really loved this romance, I decided to cover it before covering White Christmas and The Village Achiara’s Secret. Last Scandal is a Spring 2008 Korean drama which centered around a middle-aged cast. The cast members where fairly close to 40 as

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JMovie Review: Hana Yori Dango 1995

I have said it more than once…I am a lover of adaptations. If I like something enough, I am prone to watch multiple versions of it. My love for the manga Hana Yori Dango led me to the Japanese drama, then the Taiwanese drama, then the Korean drama, and then the Chinese drama. We shall not ever mention the abysmal

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