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Unmei ni, Nita Koi Episode 3 Recap

How appropriate. When Maho is confronting Kasumi there is a video of a shark in the background. It’s suitable for Maho’s character. She doesn’t care who knows that she sleeps around…unless it gets back to her husband of course. Even then, it feels like she would play the wronged wife card. This episode felt like hers in that she was

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Princess Agents Episode 2 Recap

As if Xiao Liu doesn’t have enough hatred for the nobility after the hunt, this episode sees her falling farther into a quagmire of hatred as these men threaten the family she’s refound. On the upside, this episode sees a tiny interaction between Yuwen Yue [Lin Geng Xin] and Xiao Liu [Zhao Li Ying]. Oh, and did you know the

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Lovers in Bloom Episode 1 Recap

Moo Goong Hwa [Im Soo Hyang] is a hardworking police woman who struggles to raise her young daughter after her husband’s untimely death. She comes into contact with two different men. One is an upright police officer whom she butts heads with [Do Ji Han as Cha Tae Jin] and the other a spoilt rich playboy who has never known

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Legal Mavericks Episode 1 Recap

Legal Mavericks is a 2017 Hong Kong drama which aired on TVB Jade and iQiyi earlier this summer. As this is from Hong Kong, the language is not Mandarin, but Cantonese. The drama follows a blind lawyer who loves to take on cases that involve the disabled to see they get justice. By his side is a clerk whose father

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Devil Lover Episode 4 Recap

More answers are coming along with even more questions as a new secret has been revealed. Momoko has shown herself to Sora but is afraid he’ll hate her for helping Uncle Soji and hilarity ensues when Sora tries to act as Pie’s lover. After a literally explosive first episode, there’s more humor than seriousness right now, but you know the

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Unmei ni, Nita Koi Episode 2 Recap

We open this episode with a recap of the previous episode’s events as told by Kasumi’s son Tsugumi. Right off the bat before getting into this recap I wanted to say that I was vexed by Kasumi. Yuri did try to talk about what had happened, but it seemed like Kasumi was deliberately misunderstanding what he was hinting at. It

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