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New Blog Discoveries

Happy November. It’s warm, it’s cold. It gets dark super early. White stuff has already been spotted. Time to cuddle up watch dramas, listen to music, read good books, and peruse good blogs. And by peruse…I mean study deeply, not casually look. Two new discoveries: dramachaser – drama and reality show recaps. I like reading the Roommate ones. They are

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Ruby Ring Banner

Ruby Ring banner

Needs some fine tuning, but I have actually got a banner ready at the beginning of my recapping! Go me! I need to figure out how to mute the color from the main guys’ faces to match the women’s and clean up the edges a bit. Why is it so hard to find a Kyung Min picture that is the

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God’s Quiz Season 4 Banner

God's Quiz Season 4 banner

I try to make banners for the dramas I’m recapping. I’ve finally made the banner for God’s Quiz Season 4. It’s not the best, but I am trying out new things and found these nifty window images with transparencies built in. I did the same thing for a header on my other site. Can’t wait for more of the mystery

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Total Randomness #16 – All About Me


Not because I’m narcissistic or anything like that, because I’m not, I swear. This is just mainly because of late I’ve realized people kind of have misconceptions of me. Not that it really matters I suppose, but just thought I’d clear a bit of them up today. I am NOT Asian. I have half-Asian siblings, but I, myself, am not

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Abandoned Chapter 3

Abandoned cover

Choi Kang Ju From the expression on her face, I know that she did not expect to see me as she exited the station. I had seen the teen going for her wallet and watched as she and the girl got taken into the station by the cop. It was fascinating to watch the exchange. Arissa’s eyes were hard and

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Total Randomness #15: Tolerance

Toda Erika, Matsuda Shota

I’ve been noticing this more and more as my drama watching progresses. It’s a tolerance level, or rather threshold. Once a drama hits that threshold, all bets are off. I was happily marathoning cheesy and overdone Thai drama Cubic and BAM, my threshold for tolerating the drama was reached at episode 9. Once this happens, I bid that particular drama

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