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Liar Game: Semi-Finals

Toda Erika, Matsuda Shota

I am actually NOT doing a side-by-side comparison post for this round. The Korean drama only has two episodes left and there is a reinstatement round where one person goes on and then the finals. It’s a bit hard to compare rounds when they don’t have an equivalent of the round in the Japanese drama. The manga did have more

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Liar Game: Round 4

Lee Shi Hoo

So, again, the rounds have become disjointed since the Korean drama threw in an extra round to bring evil mastermind Do Young into the game instead of hosting it. Thus, the Contraband Game which was in Round 3 of the Japanese drama has become Round 4 of the Korean drama. Thus, it is entirely possible that Round 4 in the

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Liar Game: Round 3

Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun, Shin Sung Rok

This is where the dramas decide to diverge completely. So far each round has been the exact same game with a few minor differences. Now that we are embarking on the third round of the game, they have introduced a new game completely. I was going to defer doing a comparison, but I suppose what better way to show the

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Liar Game: Round 2

Before going into particulars of Minority Rule in the Japanese drama versus the Korean drama, it is really important to highlight a big difference in our leading male character. Akiyama is quiet, cold, and calm. He has this great knowing smirk when he has things all figured out, etc. Sure, Woo Jin has certain characteristics, but I don’t think we

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Blogging 101: Content

Oomasa Aya, Honda Tsubasa

In all things web-related, content is king. For whatever blog you’d like to whip up and depending on what you’re doing, it is something to consider. You want to start an Asian drama blog? There’s actually quite a few out there for competition. Should that stop you? Nah. Just be aware that depending on topic, don’t expect amazing stats and

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