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Asian Cuisine Failure: Japchae


It should come as no surprise by now that I like to try my hand at making (mostly) authentic Asian dishes. I decided to try making the Korean dish known as japchae. This is a dish made using super thin noodles created with sweet potato starch. It’s flavored with sesame oil, has some veggies, soy sauce, and sugar to complete

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Easy General Tsao’s Chicken

So if you’ve hung around Asian Addicts Anonymous enough then you know I post stuff about food from time to time. I will go through hours of preparation and cooking to make fairly authentic Asian dishes. And then there’s me totally cheating and making some completely lazy Asian food. This was me being lazy when I had to take my

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Bacon Sushi

I saw this on Pinterest and was intrigued by the name and after watching the video, while I get where the sushi part comes in, I don’t find it a very apt name for the dish. I actually don’t own a grill and used an oven. I will definitely make this again, but probably with some alterations to ️cooking time

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Sweet Garlic Chicken Stir Fry

frozen veggies

What better way to celebrate 4 years of Asian drama, music, and literature blogging than with faux Asian food? Yes, faux. I’m too lazy to expend the energy it takes to make some Asian dishes. Instead, I like to come up with methods to cheat as much as I can when I’m feeling unambitious. You’ve seen it with the lovely

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Puto – Filipino Cake


I’m sure this would be better if my friend JG and I had made this from scratch, but we didn’t. We cheated by buying a box of puto mix from the Asian grocery store in Lansing last fall. It has to be my favorite Asian market next to the one I discovered in Alabama where I discovered Kimchi noodle bowls,

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