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Lovers in Bloom Episode 2 Recap

It is interesting as Cha Tae Jin seemed concerned for Goong Hwa at the beginning of episode one and didn’t seem to think badly of her, but dang! This episode has him really looking down on the hardworking single mother. I get that he’s straight-laced and takes his job very seriously (as an officer of the law should), but I

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Summer/Fall 2017 Recap Schedule

Topp Dogg

As you may have noticed, NeeNee is back in action! Recapping action, that is. I will definitely keep up on my streaming updates posts as well. YouTube posts take longer as that requires digging and confirming of legit subtitles and the legality of the source. Again, you can always drop me a line about a drama or channel that you

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Legal Mavericks Episode 2 Recap

This show is really fast-paced and I find this a complete hoot to watch. The characters are distinctive and quirky and there is a nice mix of comedy and drama. I definitely am recommending this show to anyone who likes a well-balanced legal drama. If you like romance, this might not be your thing as I’m not sure you are

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Twdrama: Mars Episode 6

Ling is lying in bed while memories of his mother and dead twin play in a confused montage in his head. The next day he returns to the hospital where he spent a significant amount of time after his little brother died. He pauses when he hears a voice call his name and he turns to look at a door

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