NeeNee’s Playlist of the Week – Gone Edition

“Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday…” I go through streaks where I start going back to favorite songs and remember that the groups behind these songs are no longer with us. Some members embark on acting, on solo careers, on joining a new group, or some just simply disappear back to a “normal” life. What’s your favorite act that is no longer around?

“Might Just Die” by HISTORY

I don’t understand how HISTORY didn’t end up taking off. They had talent. Sure, I didn’t necessarily like 100% of all songs they released, but I liked like 99% of them. They had great skills and it was said to see them ending up disbanding. This song is probably my all-time favorite song of theirs. Towards the end of their career they had more darker songs.

Don’t sleep on E’LAST! This rookie group is awesome.

“Because I’m Crazy” by AA

They did not have many releases before they ended up splitting up. I know Aoora is still active in the music industry and you see him on Youtube. Hoik and Kimchi did have one comeback as duo and that was about it. My favorite song of their is actually “Call Me” but it’s hard to find. I swear they had a performance version from like a radio show, but I can’t find it now. So here is their debut song. Do you remember this group?

“INCOMPLETE” by girugamesh

Ah…I was so broken hearted when this Japanese rock band announced they were parting ways. They decided after…I forget how many years together that they had essentially done everything they had wanted to do as a band and now they wanted to pursue other things. They did leave behind one heck of a discography, didn’t they? I am always afraid that I am going to hear Alice Nine or The Gazette are disbanding which would make me very sad as well as they are two of my most favorite Japanese bands. If you are a fan of jrock, what’s your favorite girugamesh song?

“Far Away…Young Love” by C-CLOWN

Their debut song wasn’t bad at all and I did like it very much. Actually…if you see Roy’s hair for those promotions, you’d probably recall current idol Junji from OnlyOneOf as he’s sporting the same look, lol. I loved all of C-CLOWN’s songs and it saddened me that they chose to disband. Leader Rome has gone on to make quite a name for himself while the others have I think ended up returning to a more normal life. Poor Maroo’s recent group also disbanded and I can’t remember if Siwoo ended up joining another group that is still active or not. But this song was my all-time jam during the time of its release. Isn’t it great? Ah…the memories.

“Highway” by MR.MR

I think part of the downfall of this group is when they retaliated against SM and Girls Generation when SNSD released their song “Mister Mister.” That…and I don’t think their management company was the best. Their were quite a few member changes during their active years and towards the end of their career their leader was gone. I still remember him on one show where he said he would be okay in the future because he’ll be the CEO of his own entertainment company. What happened to the members? I don’t know if they are officially listed as disbanded or not…But they aren’t active in South Korea any more. “Highway” is my favorite song of theirs.

“My Way” She’z

Did they ever have more than their debut release? I…don’t think so. They were a girl group that I ended up really liking so I was sad they just disappeared appeared. Their debut song “My Way” was a catchy bop, don’t you think?

“Pain the Love of Heart” by SPEED

Ah…this company is just a mess. From Five Dolls to Co-Ed School to SPEED…Nothing seems to work out for them. It’s sad that SPEED never gained much popularity as they were quite talented. I loved their songs, especially the craziness of “Don’t Tease Me.” When this song was released I listened it to on repeat a lot and I liked watching their live performances.

“Step” by KARA

I think KARA was probably my favorite girl group in that I liked the majority of the music they released. It’s sad what happened to them. They were on top and were promoting like crazy in South Korea and Japan and then it all fell apart.

“Blue Star” by Vidoll

I actually discovered this visual kei band just before they disbanded, so I have all of their CDs. I don’t think they released a song that I didn’t like. I believe Jui does solo and collaboration projects now and I think two of the members ended up joining Angelo making them a five member band and not just a trio. In the visual kei world especially, there’s LOTS of disbandments…much like in the kpop world.

“Blind” by TRAX

From being a rock group to a rock duo to quietly disbanding, the TRAX has left behind some great memories. I remember the vocalist apologizing to his guitarist saying that me makes a lot more money by acting in dramas than he does than by making music. It’s a pity. No Min Woo was originally a member and went by the stage name Rose I believe before he left the group. Do you have a favorite song by TRAX?

What songs made you fall in love with a group only to be crushingly disappointed to learn that the group no longer exists?

Wanna share your thoughts?

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