NeeNee’s Playlist of the Week – Chaos Edition Take 2

While I haven’t been listening to like “Daisy” as much as before…I just can’t end my day without listening to “Tears of Chaos” by E’LAST at least once. I really don’t know WHY I love this song as much as I do. So, you may find it and a few other songs already featured just because I still love them and am listening to them quite a bit still. What songs do you always listen to?

“Tears of Chaos” by E’LAST

#1 in my heart for now. Yep. Nothing more to say about that.

Don’t sleep on E’LAST! This rookie group is awesome.

“A Song Written Easily” by ONEUS

I can’t stay away from this song. Once I hear the familiar notes in my YouTube mix…I am back to going to my Apple Music Work Jams playlist and listening to it quite often. Isn’t it just a beautiful song?

“A Book in Memory” by ONEWE

The MV finally officially dropped only yesterday, but I have been listening to it non-stop! I was surprised by Dongmyeong’s voice in this song. It wasn’t quite as…sweet as I was expecting, but it really suits the song well.


On first listen…meh…do I really like this song? On second listen…maybe it’s a really good jam…and before I know it I am listening to this song quite often. A hilarious MV and if you watch the BTS the members talked about how hard it was to keep straight or angry faces at time because the smashing scenes were very healing and made them smile.

“Light Pink” by COOING

I am not familiar with COOING and then I just found out that she only just released her first single album in November. It’s a great debut song and if you catch her live performances, very nice and very stable. How do you like her debut?

“Unrestrained” by Xiao Zhan & Wang Yi Bo

Ok…this song is never really removed from my playlist. Xiao Zhan’s and Yi Bo’s emotions in this song are really present and I listen to it quite often…and of course I recall various scenes from The Untamed. If you haven’t watched that Chinese drama, do it! Yes, it’s long. Yes, there are frustrating points and confusing points…but overall it’s a great series that I watched without ever taking a long break from. I can hum along with the tune…but can’t sing the lyrics at all, lol.

“Given-Taken” by ENHYPEN

The boys from ISLAND have made their official debut! You know what…I still haven’t finished ISLAND. I am on the second part where they reduced the trainees by like more than half I think. It’s a good debut and their debut performances on music shows have been good, so yay for them. I am still trying to figure out if the title is proper English or not, lol. Blame the English major in me.


They have returned with an album they spent a lot of time working on together. “Last Piece” is JB’s song and the other one they sang during their comeback performances, “Breath,” was Youngjae’s. I really love the chorus for this song and it’s been fun watching their crazy antics during their comeback interviews.


I forget that I do like a lot of GFRIEND’s songs they promote and I enjoyed “MAGO” performances when they were promoting last month. It’s addictive and a nice break from the other songs by girl groups where it’s like 2-3 different songs and genres mashed together.

“Aya” by MAMAMOO

Another song that I wasn’t sure of if I really liked it or not when it first came out, but after watching several performances, I decided I really did like this and “Dingga.” They are a really talented quartet. Hearing their beginning stories about how they were taken around to other companies before debut and got negative feedback on their non-idol-like looks is ridiculous, but that made them work even harder to be perfect on stage and show people they do have what it takes.

What songs are you currently listening to? Any songs you didn’t really like at first but later found yourself falling in love with?

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