NeeNee’s Playlist of the Week – OST Edition

Happy December, I guess. We are on the countdown to getting a dachshund puppy. He’ll be able to come home with us in another week or two. Hopefully the Jonesy Jones, crazy kitty extraordinaire, will like his new sibling.

I was binge watching some dramas during Thanksgiving break and during this week, so felt like I should let you know about some awesome OST songs.

“Don’t You Know” The Story of Minglan OST

Finally decided I was going to finish this drama…two years after the fact. I made it to Minglan giving birth and then kind of stopped there and never finished the drama for whatever reason. So I am on episode 40-something and remembering how much I love the theme song. <<知否知否>> comes in two versions. The first is song by Hu Xia and Yisa Yu while the second version is sung by the two main leads of the drama, Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng.

“Hachimitsu” by Sung Si Kyung

I am well aware of Sung Si Kyung as a king of ballads in South Korea, but was shocked to find out that this song I love from a Japanese drama I am currently watching is sung by him. It looks like only recently, like 2018, he has been branching out into the Japanese market. “Hachimitsu” which I think translates into something to do with honey, is the theme song of girl love drama Yuri Dano Kan Dano aka Is It a Lily?, Yuri or Another. There are some weird moments and over-the-top acting, but it is interesting and keeps you guessing.

“Blue Moon” by Kim Jong Wan of NELL

I stopped watching Tale of the Nine Tailed after the island story arc…so I am behind. I will probably finish it, lol. I am a huge fan of rock and I do like that OSTs are getting more rock tracks and not just straight up pop songs and ballads. This song is very fitting of the drama, too.

“Degenerate” A Round Trip to Love OST

So…A Round Trip to Love is a royally screwed up BL movie. The acting wasn’t bad and there were some great moments…but just the overall plot and everything that happened was seriously messed up. It’s not something I recommend, but the main actors did do a decent job. The song is pretty awesome and I love Gao Tai Yu’s version of the song even more so than the official version by Li Jia Ge.

“He Isn’t Worth It” by Shi Shi

The Taiwanese drama Behind Your Smile is another drama on my list of I need to finish. There were times I did not like the leading lady’s acting, but overall…the acting on a whole was good and of course the leading male is awesome…who doesn’t like Marcus Chang? Shi Shi is one of my favorite female vocalists and this song is just awesome. I had this on repeat while watching the drama.

“ไม่มีวันไหนไม่รัก” by Saranyu “Ice” Winaipanit

This is the theme song for GMM TV’s latest BL drama Tonhon Chonlatee. I am happy to see Khaotung getting a lead role. I loved him as Tine’s best friend and the voice of reason in 2gether. He’s done a lot of support roles and I think his acting is definitely worthy of more leading roles. Pod also has more support roles, but he also has the acting chops to take on more main roles. He plays the clueless “big brother” very well in this series. Poor, Chon.

“Full of Sunshine” by Jung Joon Il

I am sad that it is so hard to find “Time of Waiting” by Jung Joon Il from DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo OST, but I really do love “Full of Sunshine.” It’s such a happy bop and definitely breaks away from the depressing parts of this movie. Jang Geun Suk had the starring role in this movie where he was the lead singer of a band but of course there had to be a very complicated love triangle and a lot of bad stuff happening which really fit with “Time of Waiting” which was a sadder love ballad. Even though we all know that Jang Geun Suk can sing, it is Jung Joon Il singing all the songs on the soundtrack that Jang Geun Suk’s character sings in the drama.

“Gu Hua” by Ju Jingyi

Anyone else like the combo of Ju Jingyi and Zhang Zhe Han? Loved them together in Legend of Yun Xi and happy they get to be together again in The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion. I do like this drama for the most part, but like Yun Xi, there are frustrating developments for the two leads. And, of course, I feel sorry for the second male lead and the antagonist in our story.

“Belong to You” by Sunnee

Why does it seem more and more Asian drama soundtracks are getting English songs? It seems like insert songs and theme songs of some dramas are completely in English at times or have a hefty amount of English. I do love this song by Sunnee for Professional Single. I need to finish this drama. The two leads of this drama are so cute together and it is true that if they didn’t happen to meet, with their personalities, they probably would be single forever, lol.

“I Will Stay Here” by Mao Buyi

Go Ahead…take away the romance and just focus on the family and friendships and it’s an awesome drama. The love stories added in towards the end of the drama when our adult children are all reunited just felt a little flat. With 40 episodes, there are plot points that really didn’t have enough time to fully develop and reach a resolution leaving me wanting more episodes to finish things up. Like will our lawyer and actress become a successful couple? But, you know, that’s how it goes sometimes. I loved all the music from the OST, but especially 毛不易《我會守在這裡》

What OST songs have been trapped in your brain lately?

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