NeeNee’s Playlist of the Week – Chaos Edition

Thanksgiving in the US is officially behind us and December is almost here. Where on earth has this bizarre year gone? Any dramas or music comebacks you are looking forward to in the upcoming months? I found out only recently that a friend’s daughter has fallen in love with kpop and is a fan of BTS and BLACKPINK. So weird to see it becoming more common in my narrow social circle. My baby sister is a huge BTS fan, too. She had tickets to their 2020 US tour…which ultimately didn’t get to happen this year.

Let’s dive into NeeNee’s top 10 songs she’s been listening to non-stop. These won’t always be new releases, mind you. Just songs I have been listening to on repeat. Some new, some old (some newly discovered and others just rediscovered).

I write…mostly in my head versus on the computer or on paper, admittedly, NOT a good way to go. So, I actually think of songs as soundtracks to scenarios I play over and over again sometimes. When I was writing, not my first attempt at a book, but my only finished attempt at writing a book, I had Daredevil‘s OST on repeat. I finished that in my first year of college and that OST always reminds me not only of the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner movie, but of that book and those characters I crafted. With “Apple & Cinnamon” a story of new love after an old “perfect” love falls apart.

“Tears of Chaos” by E’LAST

I am not certain exactly why, but I have been obsessed by their comeback. While I did like their debut song, I find myself listening to this song on repeat and replaying their live performances more so than their debut song. Wonhyuk has a big part in this song, too, and he does give one heck of a performance. One member, Wonjun, is absent from the comeback due to having a conflicting schedule. Choi In goes flying in this song. The oldest member and one of the tiniest members. When they did the part switch, I can’t remember if it was Yejun who drew Choi In’s part and they had a harder time lifting whoever it was in the air as it was one of the taller members. What do you think? You need to check out their entire album! There are some other great songs besides their title track.

Don’t sleep on E’LAST! This rookie group is awesome.

“Apple & Cinnamon” by Utada Hikaru

I can’t say why exactly, but this song from Utada Hikaru when she was promoting in the US, has been stuck in my head again recently. I started playing it on repeat again. I can’t believe this song is 11 years old now. Are you a Utada fan? I love a lot of her music. Her theme song from Innocent Love starring Horikita Maki and Kitagawa Yujin, “Eternally,” is another favorite of mine.

“Insight” by Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong and crew are back for Legal Mavericks 2, a follow-up to 2017 Hong Kong drama Legal Mavericks. Knowing that this was getting released had me going back to the original series and the song he sung for that series. Which, I really do want to finish watching and recapping the original and then dive into the next part. I was pleasantly surprised to see it looks like the main trio are back together. One thing I dislike about dramas which spread over multiple years and seasons can be major cast changes.

“BATMAN” by Evo Nine

I am not quite sure why, but this Thai song has been re-added to my must listen to playlist again. Probably just because it really is so addictive. I am not always into heavy dance music songs like this, but I find myself enjoying it immensely. Are you familiar with any Thai groups?

“A Song Written Easily” by ONEUS

A song about breaking up and writing down all the things you wanted to say to the person you broke up with. The worlds flowed easily and became a song. You wouldn’t know from the music that it is really a breakup song as it’s…kind of more of an uplifting melody with like whistling. But this song…really…so addictive. I don’t think there is a song by ONEUS I don’t like and they have a variety of music styles and performances, all worth checking out.

“So Bad” by STAYC

A good debut song. I really like the chorus, but the song on a whole is pretty awesome. What do you think of this new girl group? The producer or agency owner, I can’t remember which, talked about how they really sought out girls who were scandal free to prevent issues cropping up later that could hurt the group as a whole as idols need to have legit wholesome images, not fake ones.

“Siren” by P1Harmony

Speaking of debuts, P1Harmony, from FNC Entertainment, made an excellent debut with “Siren.” Looks like FNC is looking to produce more dancing idols versus idol bands now. Although labelmates CNBlue had their official comeback now with three members thanks to a certain scandal that rocked the kpop world.

“W.A.Y (Where Are You)” by ENOi

Last week I talked about how cool it was that ONEWE was a self-made band that was able to have a professional debut with a label. Well, ENOi is actually self-formed by the leader. He actively recruited all of his members. If you aren’t familiar with them, you should definitely check out their discography. This song they released back in August is pretty awesome.

“Cool” by Weki Meki

I was out of the Asian music loop for awhile. So I know of some groups’ existences, but mostly through variety shows and the idol athletic championships they have. So I knew Weki Meki existed, but never actually listened to their music until their latest release with “Cool.” Now I need to go back to their earlier releases and see what I was missing.

“Across the Universe” by D-CRUNCH

D-CRUNCH does need more limelight than they have. They are more of a hip hop group. Admittedly, not one of my most favorite genres of music, but they have excellent songs. They are talented dancers, rappers, and vocalists. Their comeback from October was a great song, but the title makes me think of a different song, in English, with the same name. Do you know that song? What’s your favorite D-CRUNCH song?

What songs are you currently listening to?

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