NeeNee’s Playlist of the Week – Daisy Edition

I know…I have completely fallen off the grid for Netflix updates. I have thoughts mulling around in my head on continuing the monthly posts and updating those weekly or just updating the main list. While I figure that out, here is something I can do! Yes, I don’t know if this will be kept up-to-date on a weekly basis or not. I also go in binges for listening to music, too, just like with watching dramas. But…here goes nothing!

Let’s dive into NeeNee’s top 10 songs she’s been listening to non-stop. These will be mostly kpop, since I’ve been watching Korean music program episodes again.

“Daisy” by Pentagon

I was so happy they finally managed to get their first win on a music program. This song is definitely addictive (to me at least, lol). Enjoy the acoustic version.

“To Be or Not To Be” by ONEUS

When you know the hole story revolving around this and their series of earlier releases, it is very cool. I love the MV, the performance, and the song in general. Their Road to Kingdom Performances were completely amazing, too, by the way.

“Jungle” by CIX

Call me crazy…but when they sing “jungle” I hear a completely different word for some reason. Does anyone else hear “Shootout” instead?

“Lose to You” by Marcus Chang

If you watched Taiwanese drama Lost Romance, this song had to have gotten stuck in your head. Overall…not a bad drama. I have been doing pretty good in completing dramas…although I am still afflicted by the drama hopping bug.

“G.B.T.B” by VeriVery

I knew they existed, but didn’t really know much about them until watching Road to Kingdom. They had some very awesome performances. You really should check out their “Photo” performance and their collaboration with TOO.

“Stars Align” Ben x Jim Official OST

This song is completely in English, I believe. It’s from a BL drama which has some decent acting and some very obvious acting. I really like the actor portraying Ben, but I am still confused how we go from being besties to Jim friendzoning Ben harshly when he learns he’s gay to Jim all of a sudden being jealous and confessing his love.

“Nostalgia” by Drippin

Not quite sold on Woolim Entertainment’s name for their new male idol group, but talent they do have! What do you think of their debut song?

“Zig Zag” by Weeekly

Yes, I am bad when it comes to female idol groups. I am not a huge fan of the overly cutesy of the overly sexualized when it comes to girl groups. But this is definitely a fun song and gets you bopping along with them.

“Why Not?” by LOONA

This song feels like its several songs in one because it features such different styles. I was on the fence when I first heard it, but after listening to it several times, I think I like it.

“Parting” by ONEWE

I love that this band was completely self-formed and did manage to get picked up by an entertainment company. This song of theirs is so beautiful!

What songs are you currently listening to?

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