Quote It: Lost Romance Episode 13

Zheng Xiao En finally reveals everything to Situ Aoran about his real life doppelganger He Tian Xing. As they cuddle together she asks if he is happy. Aoran responds he is at his happiest. Thanks to Xiao En teaching what it’s like to be useless for a day he also feels that Tian Xing doesn’t want to wake up from his coma and face the miserable existence that awaits him with his messed up family.

“If you spend your life working only toward a goal for others, what’s the purpose of your own existence?”

Even with Aoran saying these words and stating he is happy himself, Xiao En is still conflicted with guilt over witnessing what happened to Tian Xing and not be able to help him. Is Tian Xing speaking his true feelings through Aoran?

I really resonate with what Aoran says here…do you ever stop to ponder what exactly is the meaning of your own existence? I do.

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