Coming Soon to Netflix: July 2020

The year is half over with. That just doesn’t seem possible, does it? Hopefully you are all doing okay. What Asian dramas, movies, and anime are you looking forward to coming to Netflix US in July? This is early, dates can be subject to change.

July 1

Asian Dramas

  • A Touch of Green [Taiwan, 2015] – During the turmoil of China’s civil war, families of Kuomintang pilots face the pain of leaving their homes but find strength in shared bonds.

Asian Reality

  • Ride On Time [Japan, 2020] – This docuseries takes you behind the scenes of some of Japan’s top male idol groups from number one produce Johnny’s. Learn more about King & Prince, Hey! Say! JUMP, and KAT-TUN.

July 2

Asian Movies

July 3

Asian Dramas

  • Ju-On: Origins [Japan, 2020] – A paranormal researcher obsessively searches for a cursed home where something horrible happened to a mother and child.

July 4

Asian Dramas

  • Hook [South Korea, 2020] – Two university students form an unlikely friendship at a boxing gym despite their fathers rivalry.

Asian Movies

  • Penalty [India, 2019] – An aspiring football player finds his dream threatened when he faces discrimination for his Manpuri background.

July 5

Asian Dramas

  • The Underclass [Thailand, 2020] – A student dropped from an elite program finds herself tangled in the affairs of a high school gang while trying to find her own identity.

July 8

Asian Dramas

  • Was It Love? [South Korea, 2020] – Song Ji Hyo returns to the small screen as a single mother who hasn’t dated in years. When four very different men enter her life, she begins to rediscover love and herself.

July 9


  • Japan Sinks: 2020 [Japan, 2020] – An ordinary family is put to the test as a series of massive earthquakes throws the Japanese archipelago into turmoil.

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