Coming Soon to Netflix: July 2020

The year is half over with. That just doesn’t seem possible, does it? Hopefully you are all doing okay. What Asian dramas, movies, and anime are you looking forward to coming to Netflix US in July? This is early, dates can be subject to change.

July 1

Asian Dramas

  • A Touch of Green [Taiwan, 2015] – During the turmoil of China’s civil war, families of Kuomintang pilots face the pain of leaving their homes but find strength in shared bonds.

Asian Reality

  • Ride On Time [Japan, 2020] – This docuseries takes you behind the scenes of some of Japan’s top male idol groups from number one produce Johnny’s. Learn more about King & Prince, Hey! Say! JUMP, and KAT-TUN.

July 2

Asian Movies

July 3

Asian Dramas

  • Ju-On: Origins [Japan, 2020] – A paranormal researcher obsessively searches for a cursed home where something horrible happened to a mother and child.

July 4

Asian Dramas

  • Hook [South Korea, 2020] – Two university students form an unlikely friendship at a boxing gym despite their fathers rivalry.

Asian Movies

  • Penalty [India, 2019] – An aspiring football player finds his dream threatened when he faces discrimination for his Manpuri background.

July 5


  • Little Singham Season 2 [India, 2020] – Little Singham, a brave kid cop, works hard to defend his town from evil.

Asian Dramas

  • The Underclass [Thailand, 2020] – A student dropped from an elite program finds herself tangled in the affairs of a high school gang while trying to find her own identity.

Asian Movies

  • Aiyyaa [India, 2012] – An outspoken and imaginative woman from a conservative family pursues true love while trying to evade the prospect of an arranged marriage.
  • Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap [India, 2011] – An aging hitman travels from Paris to his hometown of Mumbai to perform one last job.
  • Bittoo Boss [India, 2012] – When a wedding videographer falls in love, he turns to making sexy videos to earn more money with mixed results.
  • Blood Money [India, 2012] – When an ambitious young man takes a job in the diamond business, he finds himself drawn into the seedy underworld surrounding it.
  • Bombay Talkies [India, 2013] – A gay man deals with his sexuality, a struggling actor has an epiphany, a boy becomes a dancer, and a man tries to fulfill his father’s dying wish.
  • Boss [India, 2013] – A man who was disowned by his father as a child and taken in by a crime boss must decide whether or not to help his father when his brother is wrongly imprisoned.
  • Budhia Singh: Born to Run [India, 2016] – An idealistic judo trainer adopts a boy from the slums and grooms him to be the world’s youngest marathon runner.
  • Chashme Baddoor [India, 2013] – Jealous men try to ruin their roommates happiness when he starts a relationship with a pretty new neighbor.
  • Dharam Sankat Mein [India, 2015] – After learning he was adopted, a Hindu man seeks to find his birth father but learns he must confront his bigotry first to realize his quest.
  • Drishyam [India, 2015] – When a high-ranking police official goes missing, an unexceptional man becomes the prime suspect for his murder.
  • Gabbar Is Back [India, 2015] – A vengeful college professor becomes a public hero as he targets the corrupt government.
  • Gollu Aur Pappu [India, 2014] – A pair of bumbling brothers stumble on a terrorist plot and are enlisted to detonate a bomb which only ends in a botched job.
  • Inkaar [India, 2013] – An ambitious lover accuses her CEO of sexual harassment in order to get his position.
  • Madras CafĂ© [India, 2013] – An intelligence agent must travel to a war-torn coastal island to break a rebel group and meets a passionate journalist.
  • Mary Kom [India, 2014] – The daughter of a poor rice farmer must overcome objections and the demands of a male-dominated society to pursue a career in boxing.
  • Michael [India, 2011] – A dedicated cop who accidentally kills a 12-year-old boy finds his life turned upside down as he struggles to keep his life together.
  • Mumbai Delhi Mumbai [India, 2014] – While in Delhi for the first time a young girl loses her phone, but finds romance when a young local begrudgingly helps her search for it.
  • Oh My God [India, 2012] – A shopkeeper files a lawsuit against God after an earthquake destroys his store and the insurance company refuses to pay.
  • One by Two [India, 2014] – The lives of two struggling people cross when they they join a dance show. One wants to win it and the other wishes to sabotage it.
  • Penalty [India, 2019] – An aspiring football player’s dream of playing nationally is threatened when he faces discrimination for his Manipuri background.
  • Players [India, 2012] – When a pair of master thieves learn of a gold shipment to Romania, they assemble a team to steal it.
  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama [India, 2011] – Romance throws the lives of three young men into chaos.
  • Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 [India, 2015] – In this sequel, the three young men find the reality of their relationships to be far removed from their ideas of romance they once pursued.
  • Queen [India, 2013] – A young woman embarks on an exhilarating journey of self discovery as she goes on her honey alone after being jilted.
  • Shaitan [India, 2011] – After being blackmailed for a hit and run, a troubled rich girl and her friends plan a kidnapping to collect a ransom to help.
  • Special 26 [India, 2013] – A gang of con artists pose as government officials to pull off a raid on a prominent jeweler.
  • Tanu Weds Manu [India, 2011] – A doctor living in London travels home to find a bride. When he believes he has found the love of his life, he learns she is in love with another man.

July 8


  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 [Japan, 2005] – The lives of a group of friends are changed forever when a fantasy card game suddenly becomes their reality.

Asian Dramas

  • Was It Love? [South Korea, 2020] – Song Ji Hyo returns to the small screen as a single mother who hasn’t dated in years. When four very different men enter her life, she begins to rediscover love and herself.

July 9


  • Japan Sinks: 2020 [Japan, 2020] – An ordinary family is put to the test as a series of massive earthquakes throws the Japanese archipelago into turmoil.

July 15

Anime Movies

July 16

Asian Reality

  • Indian Matchmaking [India, 2020] – An Indian matchmaker shows a look inside this custom in the modern age while helping with arranged marriages with clients in the US and India.

July 21

Asian Movies

  • Ip Man 4: The Finale [Hong Kong, 2019] – Ip Man travels to San Francisco and must wrestle with the tensions between martial arts masters and his star pupil Bruce Lee.

July 23

Asian Movies

  • The Larva Island Movie [South Korea, 2020] – This movie serves as a sequel to the television series and follows Chuck as he returns home and talks to a reporter about life on the island with his zany larva pals.

July 24

Asian Movies

  • Door Ke Darshan [India, 2020] – A wacky family must try to recreate a bygone era to keep a matriarch from noticing how much time has passed when she wakes from a 30-year coma.
  • Project Marathwada [India, 2016] – A debt-ridden farmer seeks justice from the government after his son commits suicide. His pleas are met with mockery and are rebuffed making him begin to lose his own reason to live.
  • Romance Doll [Japan, 2020] – A happily married couple finds their relationship tested as the husband’s secret profession as a love doll designer clashes with his wife’s deeper, darker secret.

July 26

Asian Movies

  • Double World [China, 2020] – In order to bring honor to his clan, a young man embarks on a dangerous journey to compete in a tournament that selects warriors for battle.

July 29

Asian Dramas

  • Unlucky Ploy [Thailand, 2020] – Based on Korean drama Another Miss Oh, this drama follows a man who becomes mired in the lives of two women who happen to share the same name.

Asian Movies

  • Uma Maheshwara Urgra Roopasya [India, ] – A photographer vows revenge on his attacker after he was defeated and humilated trying to defuse a conflict among villagers.

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