Coming Soon to Netflix: May 2020

May the Fourth Be With You!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. How are we in May already? I hope you and yours are staying healthy and safe during this time. Michigan is slowly allowing some stuff to open back up, but the majority of the state is still under hours to stay home unless absolutely necessary through my grandfather’s birthday of May 28. I guess we won’t be having our annual Memorial Day party with family and friends to celebrate his 84th birthday at the normal time if at all.

So, without further ado and whining, here are Asian dramas, movies, and anime coming to Netflix in May to occupy your attention.

May 1


  • Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Season 1 [Japan, 2019] – Art imitates life when a young girl discovers her crush is a famous artist who wishes to use their relationship as inspiration for his manga.

Asian Movies

  • Mrs. Serial Killer [India, 2020] – When a woman’s doctor husband is jailed for a string of shocking murders, she just may need to kill to prove his innocence.
  • Psycho [India, 2020] – While a visually impaired man struggles to rescue the woman he likes from a serial killer, the dark story behind the killer’s psyche emerges.

May 2

Asian Movies

  • Har Kisse Ke Hisse: Kaamyaab [India, 2020] – A retired actor with a career of thankless credits returns for a long-awaited leading role only to find he is unprepared for the age of modern film-making.

May 3

Asian Movies

  • One Day: Justice Delivered [India, 2019] – Upon retirement, a former judge finds and punishes criminals he was unable to convict in court, spurring a crime branch officer to investigate.

May 7


  • Scissor Seven Season 2 [China, 2020] – The continuation of the story of the scissor-wielding, hairdressing, amnesiac assassin.

Asian Movies

  • Si Doel The Movie [Indonesia, 2018] – A man travels to Amsterdam to find the woman he loved who left him 14 years ago.
  • Si Doel The Movie 2 [Indonesia, 2019] – As Sarah and her child look to settle in Jakarta, Zaenab searches for answers and gets caught between defending her marriage or letting it go.

May 8

Asian Movies

  • Malang: Unleash the Madness [India, 2020] – An angry young man goes on a killing spree years after a police encounter separates him from his lover.

May 14

Asian Movies

  • Dilan 1990 [Indonesia, 2018] – Charming and rebellious student Dilan vies for the affection of a shy new student.
  • Dilan 1991 [Indonesia, 2019] – Dilan becomes involved in a motorcycle gang which imperils his relationship to Milea whose distant relative returns from Belgium.

May 15


  • Parasyte -the maxim- Season 1 [Japan, 2014-15] – A teenager battles invading parasites from space with the help of Migi, a docile parasitic creature that has taken over his right hand.

Asian Dramas

  • Strangers from Hell [South Korea, 2019] – A dark drama following an aspiring crime fiction writers who begins to experience unpleasant events after he moves into a new apartment building with shady neighbors.

May 16

Asian Dramas

May 20

Asian Dramas

  • Mystic Pop-up Bar [South Korea, 2020] Hwang Jung Eum and Yook Sung Jae star in this drama about a young man with a unique ability who begins working for a centuries old bar owner who resolves her customer’s troubles by entering their dreams.

Asian Movies

  • What Are the Odds? [India, 2020] – Two students become unlikely friends as they play hooky from school. Accidental encounters and otherwordly events turn the day into a whimsical coming of age journey.

May 21

Asian Movies

  • #FriendButMarried [Indonesia, 2018] – A young man who still pines for his high school crush struggles to get out of the friend zone only to learn she’s now married.

May 23

Asian Movies

  • One Day We’ll Talk About Today [Indonesia, 2020] – As a clash between generations threatens to separate a family, they must confront the trauma of years past and a deep secret.
  • Si Doel The Movie 3 [Indonesia, 2020] – Doel must choose between the two women he loves which means reuniting with one family and leaving the other behind.

May 24

Asian Dramas

  • Betaal [India, 2020] – Officials hired to displace tribal villagers to make way for a new highway unearth an old curse and unleash an army of British soldier zombies.

May 25


  • Nezha [China, 2019] – This animated film follows Ne Zha, a rebellious outcast bound by a divine mandate, as he grapples with his formidable powers and a destiny which could endanger his loved ones.

May 28


  • Dorohedoro [Japan, 2020] – This series follows an amnesiac seeking to undo the curse that gave him his reptile head by killing the sorcerer responsible.
  • Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre Volume 1 [Japan, 2018] – Three short animated tales: two underwater siblings surviving on their own, a boy with a serious egg allergy, and a man invisible to the rest of society.

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