Quote It: “Sorry Sorry” by Chen Li

From the lyrics…I am guessing it is reflecting on a relationship that didn’t end well? And while the song is titled “Baoqian Baoqian” aka “Sorry Sorry” the cool part is the lyrics themselves actually say “I’m not sorry. Sorry.”

Messy. The city lights and trees are going mad. Yeah, it’s a dream you scribble.

. . .

You have to make it clean. Don’t let the embarrassment erase the happiness.

I really like that last line!

We then go into the chorus. Huo Zun’s song was the most poetic. Zheng Jun’s song was a giant metaphor, but Chen Li was definitely more straight forward.

I did like parts of Lay’s song. His style in general isn’t much to my taste, but he is talented and very hard working. I was confused with his song as they show the lyrics, but it felt like he never actually said the “r” sound at the end of words. I heard joke and poke, not Joker or poker. But you definitely need to check out his performance.

He chose GAI as his opponent and lost. I also liked GAI’s song better it had more traditional Chinese music undertones and his singing with his rapping was pretty awesome.

Back to Chen Li…

If you don’t love me then what? Say tough words to break. I can’t even understand myself. The day breaks and clears up. Things will be worked out. If we meet again I’m not sorry. Sorry.

I like that last part of the chorus a lot. This next line reminds me of how a lot of people are kind of feeling with lockdowns, quarantines, and stay at home orders.

Empty. The circles become bigger around the clock. Yeah, you are like a dream.

. . .

The temperature, the loneliness remind me that you came.

That last line for some reason reminds me of Jane Arden’s “Insensitive.”

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