Quote It: “Knife” by Zheng Jun

An interesting concept. Things you experience in life can cut you like a knife, but that doesn’t always make it a bad thing.

Zheng Jun wrote “Knife” as a love song for his wife. It’s his first performance on the Chinese show I Am a Singer-Songwriter.

This kind of pain is like the joy after being shocked. This kind of pain like the sky. You carved me with your knife.

It sounds a little gruesome to express love in such a way, but it’s relatable…to me? A person’s existence has been carved into your heart. Whether it brings pleasure or pain or both.

Like Huo Zun’s song, the lyrics had a bit of poetry in it, especially at the beginning as he compared hands to flowers.

Your hands like flowers lingering spread to me.

I think the translation here suffered a bit, but it was still pretty to me.

I didn’t feel it. The universe around fall together with me.

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