Quote It: “Starfall” by Huo Zun

I am not familiar with a lot of Chinese artists, I admit. This was my first experience listening to Huo Zun on the second season of China’s Singer-Songwriter competition.

He performed his original song “Starfall” which has a very deep meaning behind it. Even though life is hard and you are but a little star…embrace the beauty in life and the people you love. I love the lyrics. It’s very poetic.

The start of the song is very lovely with great imagery.

A few flowers wait for the fall

The most difficult thing is imitating its loneliness

Sand is like the mist-covered waters. It’s beyond your control.

. . .

Life is like mist-covered waters. Just sing the lines when you’re able.

It flows to the end and is finally lost in the long run.

I don’t like all of the lyrics as they don’t seem to 100% connect into a logically cohesive message, but that can also be a result of the quality of translation.

Dispersing like the clouds is not fearful. It is just a light pain.

. . .

Watch the stars rain in the night sky

Questions have never been answered

I do feel like most of the lyrics make great sense in the way they are expressed, but some also fall a little flat in the English translation as well.

My favorite part is below.

History is but a ripple in the brow

I am but a ripple in the world

The world is beautiful for me


  • Hi! Yes Huo Zun ‘StarFall’ is really a fantasy tune BUT the lyrics carry a heavy meaning for REFLECTION! Just fabulous πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘β€

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