Quote It: Under the Power Episode 26

For the bajillionth time, Xie Xiao has thrown his promised marriage to his senior sister out the window. This time he formally writes a cancellation of engagement letter and sends it to her.

Is there no destiny between us?

Quite honestly, I don’t understand Shangguang’s love for her junior brother which stems from him risking his life once to save hers. He had only treated her as a sister and ignored any possible romantic feelings she may have had. And really, Yang Yue is more mature and just better for her all around.

But this is a 50+ episode Chinese drama. This means this side couple will dance around and disappoint people for a long time, lol. Of course, Xie Xiao’s father really wants the mature and responsible Shangguang to help his son lead the gang as well and she is the only woman he will except as his daughter-in-law.

I like Yang Yue’s words in this scene where he is trying to comfort the woman he loves yet again. She asks if there really is no destiny between her and Xie Xiao.

Yang Yue tries to comfort Shangguang

I heard someone say destiny cannot be expected. Destiny is like the wind; wind is restless. Clouds gathering is destiny. Clouds drifting away is also destiny. Romance is like clouds gathering and drifting away.

Destiny is like the wind: we can meet it, but cannot force it to see us. Destiny leaving or staying is only in human thoughts.

What do you think of Yang Yue’s explanation here? It is very poetic…in fact it’s kind of going round and round in my head as I contemplate the thought as poetry.

It is a theme we sometimes see in dramas. While some really push the idea of fate and destiny between people, good or bad, there are some that do carry the idea that fate or destiny is actually more man made.

I think in life…the people you meet and the people you love being likened to the wind is appropriate. It also brings to mind Nicholas Sparks and A Walk to Remember. Our couple discuss God and the girl explains that faith, etc., is like the wind…you cannot see it, but you can feel it.

I do feel bad for Yang Yue. While you do understand that Shangguang was officially engaged to Xie Xiao via their families mutual agreement thus it is actually complicated for her to consider anyone else, your heart breaks just a little as he has openly shown how much he cares for her all of the time and always asks…”Does it have to be Xie Xiao?”

And writing that question makes me think of a country song where the singer asks “Why not me?” Yes, why not Yang Yue?

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