Coming Soon to Netflix: January 2020

2019 ends after Tuesday. So hard to believe. Netflix is starting out 2020 strong with a lot of Korean dramas coming early in the year. What releases are you looking forward to?

January 1


  • Aruna & Her Palate [Indonesia, 2018] – An epidemiologist tries to satisfy her food obsession while investigating a case of bird flu.
  • Posesif [Indonesia, 2017] – A young woman risks her future and relationship with her father when she begins dating a moody transfer student obsessed with their romance.


  • Because This is My First Life [South Korea, 2017] – A woman struggling financially becomes roommates with a man who owes a lot on his mortgage. The two eventually decide to marry out of convenience. Will it turn to love?
  • The Bride of Habaek [South Korea, 2017] – Water god Habaek must travel to the human world to accomplish a mission to become king only to have things go awry as he ends up powerless and needing the help of a floundering psychiatrist.
  • Cells at Work [Japan, Anime, 2018] – A new red blood cell who just wants to do her job must contend with bacteria intrusions and a certain while blood cell.
  • Chhota Bheem Kun Fu Dhamaka [India, Anime, 2019] – Chhota Bheem and his buddies face everything from kung fu battle to run-ins with bandits in a kingdom far from home.
  • Live Up to Your Name [South Korea, 2017] – Heo Im is a talented doctor who is held back due to his low birth. He travels to the present day and meets a modern young doctor who he somehow brings back to Joseon with him.
  • Oddbods Season 2 [Singapore, Anime, 2017] – Seven furry friends in Oddsville like to play and get into all sorts of mischief.
  • Reply 1988 [South Korea, 2015] – Another popular drama in the Reply series, this drama follows five childhood friends as they struggle to find themselves and realize their dreams while finding love and maintaining their friendships.
  • Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Season 4+ [Japan, Anime, 1986] – Multiple seasons starting with season 4 of this popular anime series is coming!
  • Save Me [South Korea, 2017] – Four young men come to the aid of a former classmate who is trying to rescue her family from the clutches of a religious cult.

January 10


  • Giri/Haji (Duty/Shame) Season 1 [Japan, 2020] – A lawman must travel to London as he tries to track down his assassin brother as a yakuza war threatens to erupt in Tokyo.
  • Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega [India, 2020] – Small-town young men who run a lucrative phishing scheme finds themselves over their heads as a dirty politician wants a cut and a copy will do everything to fight them.
  • Scissor Seven Season 1 [China, Anime, 2017] – Formerly known as Killer Seven, this show follows a bungling scissor-wielding assassin as he struggles to regain his memories while getting caught in a power struggle between factions.

January 16


  • NiNoKuni [Japan, Anime, 2019] – Love complicates the journey of two teens on a magical quest to save their friend and her counterpart from another world.


  • Handsome Siblings [China, 2020] – Hu Yitian, Chen Zheyuan, and Liang Jie start in this martial arts drama which follows twins who must face villains, romantic woes, and each other.

January 20


  • Motichoor Chaknachoor [India, 2019] – An unmarried and unemployed man catches the eye of a Bhopal belle who sees him as her ticket out of India.

January 21


  • K.D. (a) Karuppudurai [India, 2019] – An aging patriarch leaves home as his children plot his death to claim his inheritance. He comes across a spunky young boy who adds direction to his life.

January 23


  • The Ghost Bride [China, 2020] – In 1890 a young woman is forced to marry a dead man in exchange for her family’s debt to be erased. While trying to escape her fate, she uncovers a conspiracy larger than she thought possible.
  • Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Season 2 [Japan, Anime, 2020]

January 24


  • A Sun [Taiwan, 2019] – A family must reckon with the aftermath of their younger son’s incarceration and a greater misfortune which follows.

January 27


Shimla Mirchi [India, 2020] – A man who finds himself tongue-tied around women lands himself in a pickle when he writes a love letter to his crush only to have it mistaken as a love letter to her mother.

January 28


  • Find Yourself [China, 2020] – Victoria Song plays an accomplished career woman dating a young man. She faces societal pressure because of her non-traditional relationship and work pressure as her work may be acquired by a different company. Enter an older man who acts as her mentor. Which choice will she make?

January 30


January 31

37 Seconds Trailer


  • 37 Seconds [Japan, 2019] – A young manga artist with cerebral palsy finds herself trapped by society and family obligations. She goes on an unconventional journey for sexual freedom and personal liberation.


  • Itaewon Class [South Korea, 2020] – An ex-con and his friends try to make their dream of a street bar a reality.

Leaving Netflix in January

January 1

  • Aajcha Divas Majha [India, 2013]
  • Aata Pita [India, 2010]
  • The Age of Shadows [South Korea, 2016]
  • Badha [India, 2006]
  • The Damned Rain [India, 2009]
  • Devrai [India, 2004]
  • Gunslinger Girl Seasons 1-2 [Japan, 2008]
  • Hridaynath [India, 2012]
  • Hum Aapke Hain Koun [India, 1994]
  • Hum Saath-Saath Hain [India, 1999]
  • Ideachi Kalpana [India, 2010]
  • Kay Dyache Bola [India, 2005]
  • Maine Pyar Kiya [India 1989]
  • Maza Pati Karodpati [India, 1988]
  • Mi Shivajiraje Bhosale Boltoy [India, 2009]
  • Radiopetti [India, 2015]
  • Saheb Bibi Golaam [India, 2016]
  • Sanai Choughade [India, 2009]
  • Shahanpan Dega Deva [India, 2011]
  • Time Please [India, 2013]
  • Yanda Kartavya Aahe! [2006]

January 2

  • Chittagong [India, 2012]
  • Fandry [India, 2014]

January 15

  • Operation Chromite [South Korea, 2016]
  • Thong Dee Fun Khao/Broken Sword Hero [Thailand, 2017]
  • Twisted Trunk, Big Fat Body [India, 2015]

January 23

  • Iceman [China, 2014]

January 30


  • Good stuff coming that I really liked. I know when Save Me came jut, I swear I was the only one watching!!!

  • I’d also like to point out that the Chinese language drama “The Ghost Bride” is due to begin January 23 – this is an adaptation of the novel by Yangzee Choo, set in Malaysia in the original book

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