Christmas Countdown 2019 – Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas NeeNee gifts to you a song by my favorite visual kei band, alicenine., for five years they went by A9 but have returned to their original name.

I discovered this band thanks to a live action adaptation of a beloved manga, Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion. They had a performance featured in a scene. That was back in 2007…12 years later I still love them and they have celebrated 15 years together. This led me down the visual kei rabbit hole back in the day.

The song is Kakumei Kaika -Revolutionary Blooming- [革命開花 – Revolutionary Blooming-].

Normally their music doesn’t feature traditional instruments. There are some visual kei bands that feature them as part of their sound, but not alicenine. I fell in love with the rock instruments mixed with traditional and the boys wearing more traditional clothes was pretty nice, too.

What do you think? I love Shou’s vocals. So you have a favorite song from Japan this year? It doesn’t have to be rock.

Wanna share your thoughts?

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