Christmas Countdown 2019 – Day 3

I am trying to offer a good variety of music for the countdown. We started with a kpop song and then did a Chinese drama OST. So how about a song from a Thai drama?

Getsunova is a favorite Thai band of my mine and they do a lot of OST contributions as well. The third song I gift to you is Getsunova’s พระเอกจำลอง. This song is from lakorn Theory of Love in which a college student falls for his best friend who is initially a clueless womanizer. Off and Gun are a popular pairing and they are also great friends in real life.

I actually have a few episodes to go on this drama. I left off where Kai has finally realized he likes Third and Third is doing his best to move on from his best friend and then Kai gets into an accident. Not sure why I haven’t watched the remaining episodes yet…It’s my drama-watching disease, lol.

The song is very fitting. It is a sad love song about someone who knows their love is impossible, but they can’t help but still love that person. What do you think?

What love songs (happy or sad) have you enjoyed this year?

Wanna share your thoughts?

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