Coming Soon to Netflix: December 2019

Can you believe it is already December? Where did 2019 go? I have had tons of plans and ideas and as always didn’t accomplish anything.

Take a gander at the announced Asian dramas, movies, and anime due to hit Netflix US in December 2019.

December 1


  • Dead Kids [Philippines, 2019] – Based on true events, this movie follows a socially awkward teen who bonds with other misfits and plots to kidnap the school’s arrogant rich kid only to have things take a deadly turn.
  • Jindua [India, 2017] – An Indian man living in Canada marries a local citizen to legalize his status…much to his girlfriend’s dislike.


  • Space Jungle Season 2 [South Korea, Anime, 2016] – When a broken spaceship strands four tiny aliens on Earth, an adventure and strange dangers never imagined ensues.
  • Suits [South Korea, 2018] – A Korean remake of the hit US series.

December 4


December 6


  • No Game No Life: Zero [Japan, Anime, 2017] – A young warrior joins forces with an ex machina to stop a global war and save humanity from extinction.


  • Triad Princess [Taiwan, 2019] – Eugenie Liu and Jasper Liu unite in this drama which follows the boisterous daughter of a triad boss who becomes the bodyguard of a TV star.

December 8


  • Saaho [India, 2019] – This thriller follows an enigmatic cop who is hot on the trail of gangsters who are struggling for power after an underworld theft.

December 11


  • The Sky is Pink [India, 2019] – Based on a true story, this movie sees a teenager who succumbs to a terminal illness narrating her parents’ relationship posthumously.

December 13


  • The 9th Precinct [Taiwan, 2019] – This supernatural thriller follows an idealistic cop who joins an underground police unit which battles ghoulish forces.

December 14


  • Crash Landing On You [South Korea, 2019] – When a paragliding mishap lands a wealthy South Korean heiress in North Korea, she comes into contact with an office willing to help her hide.

December 15


  • Cinderella & the Four Knights [South Korea, 2016] – A young woman who lives independent of her father, stepmother, and stepsister dreams of being a teacher and works hard at a variety of part-time jobs. She becomes the fake fiancee of a wealthy man which leads her to a job of being a butler to three cousins with attitudes.
  • Coco Mong [South Korea, Anime] – Multiple seasons are coming to Netflix! This show follows everyday ingredients which transform in to animal friends who love to go on adventures.
  • Girls Und Panzer Season 1 [Japan, Anime]


  • Bangistan [India, 2015] – Two men from rival religious factions are on the same deadly mission only to find themselves hilariously thrown off course.
  • Dil Dhadakne Do [India, 2015] – While on holiday aboard a ship a dysfunctional family with a flawless facade must confront the ugly truth.
  • Game [India, 2011] – When a tycoon accuses three strangers of killing his daughter, he dies before he can expose them. This leads to a hunt to expose the real culprits.
  • Karthik Calling Karthik [India, 2010] – An office drone’s dead-end life is transformed by mysterious calls from himself.

December 24


  • Carole & Tuesday Part 2 [Japan, Anime, 2019] – The story of Carole & Tuesday as they progress on their musical journey together continues.
  • Terrace House Tokyo Part 2 [Japan, Reality, 2019] – The second part of this edition of six strangers living together to find love will start streaming.

December 25


  • Fireworks [Japan, Anime, 2017] – A middle school student desperately wants to run away with a classmate who somehow manages to turn back time.


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