Coming Soon to Netflix: October 2019

Yes, Netflix is announcing titles for October. It feels like it is too soon, but it is already October next week! How is that possible? Bookmark this post for Asian dramas and movies scheduled for October 2019 streaming in the US.

Television shows are listed first alphabetically followed by movies listed alphabetically.

**updated November 11, 2019**

October 1

  • Cheese in the Trap [South Korea, 2016] – A poor college student just trying to survive under the radar attracts the attention of a wealthy upperclassman who has a much darker side than he lets on.
  • Chicago Typewriter [South Korea, 2017] – Writers who lived under Japanese rule are reincarnated in the modern era as a popular writer in a slump, a ghost writer, and an anti-fan of the popular writer.
  • College Romance [India, 2018] – Three girls who are good friends look for love, laughs, and lifelong memories during their college days.
  • Engineering Girls [India, 2018] – Three engineering students must deal with dorm life drama, dating, and struggling to do whatever it takes to achieve their dreams.
  • Girls Hostel [India, 2018] – Four females from very different backgrounds attending dental school becomes friends when they move into a dorm room together.
  • InMates [India, 2017] – Five close-knit friends maneuver the highs and loves of friendship, romance, and finding themselves while living under the same roof.
  • The K2 [South Korea, 2016] – A fugitive soldier gets caught up in personal and political intrigue when he becomes the personal bodyguard of a family of a presidential candidate.
  • The Liar and His Love [South Korea, 2017] – Based on a Japanese manga, this drama follows a talented young singer who falls in love at first site with with a music prodigy/hit making producer who has a penchant for telling lies.
  • Signal [South Korea, 2016] – A detective from 1989 joins forces with a profiler from 2015 via a walkie talkie that transcends time.
  • Tunnel [South Korea, 2017] – A detective who is chasing down a serial killer finds himself in the future after traveling through a tunnel. He keeps seeking the truth behind the murders from the past.
  • Limitless [India, 2017] – This documentary follows eight women in India who struggle with society’s expectations and their own self confidence who find themselves through running.

October 3

  • Seis Manos [Anime, 2019] – Orphans raised by a martial arts master find themselves involved with demonic powers, drugs, ancient rituals, and blood sacrifices.

October 4

  • My Country: The New Age [South Korea, 2019] – At the end of the Goryeo dynasty and beginning of the Joseon dynasty, two friends become estranged due to a misunderstanding. They try their best to protect their country, family, and the people they love in their own ways.

October 5

  • Noblemen [India, 2017] – A secretly gay student finds himself bullied by the wealthy upperclassmen in his Christian school after he lands the lead role in “The Merchant of Venice.”

October 7

  • Match! Tennis Juniors [China, 2019] – Yes, China is remaking The Prince of Tennis. I enjoyed the Japanese movie and the original Chinese drama, so here’s hoping this one is good. A young tennis prodigy who has lost his passion for the game joins a high school team where he must rediscover his original love the game while learning to work and inspire his teammates.
    **Did not come to Netflix & no updates if/when it will be added**

October 10

  • Beyblade Burst Turbo [Japan, Anime, 2018] – A novice competitor must harness his untamed potential through training and tournaments.
  • Ultramarine Magmell [Japan, Anime, 2019] – Based on a Chinese comic series, this anime follows a young rescuer who saves people as they explore a new continent.

October 11

  • YooHoo to the Rescue Season 2 [South Korea, Anime, 2019] – YooHoo and his companions travel the globe to help animals in need.
  • The Forest of Love [Japan, 2019] – Nothing is as it seems when a con man and a would-be film-making crew force themselves into the lives of two grief-stricken young women.

October 12

  • The Lies Within [South Korea, 2019] – A woman teams up with a detective and joins the national assembly when her father dies and husband goes missing.

October 15

  • Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac [Japan, Anime, 1986-9] – A group of young warriors with magical armor band together to protect the reincarnation of the goddess Athena against evil forces.

October 16

  • Another! Miss Oh [South Korea, 2016] – A man who was jilted by his fiancee tries to prevent her marriage to another man not knowing it is a woman with the same name. This woman tries to figure out why her fiancee dumped her the day before the wedding. Meanwhile, due to this mix-up our sound director begins to have visions of a woman he has never met.
  • Chosen Season 2 [China, 2019] – The twisted killing game continues in the second season.
  • Second 20s [South Korea, 2015] – After an unexpected pregnancy at 19, a woman has gave up her dreams to be a wife and mother. At the age of 38, she enrolls in the same university as her son and reconnects with an old flame.
  • Park Na Rae: Glamour Warning [South Korea, 2019] – Popular comedian Park Na Rae tackles sex, relationships, and celebrity life sassier and dirtier than ever.

October 18

  • Chu Chu TV Collection 1 [India, Anime] – An educational series for young children featuring upbeat tunes and a diverse set of easy-to-follow lessons.
  • Mighty Little Bheem Diwali Collection 1 [India, Anime, 2019] – With the festival of lights going in full swing, Bheem makes merry and makes mischief while decorating his home and devouring sweets.
  • Monkart Season 1 [South Korea, Anime, 2017-18] – While undergoing a racing adventure, Jin and his monster Draka must also try to save the kingdom from evil forces.
  • Upstarts [India, 2019] – This film follows a trio of college graduates who create a startup with the hopes of making millions. Just as they are faced with success, their relationships with one another begin to fall apart.
  • Verses of Love 2 [Indonesia, 2017] – After the love of his life volunteers in the Gaza Strip, can a lecturer in Edinburgh start a new chapter in his life?

October 23

  • Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy [Hong Kong, 2018] – A martial art expert once defeated by Ip Man must abandon his reclusive lifestyle to fight a Chinese triad.

October 24

  • Revenge of the Pontianak [Malaysia, 2019] – A scorned vampire ghost is hell bent on settling a secret score with a groom.

October 25

  • A Little Thing Called First Love [China, 2019] – A girl with a talent for drawing falls in love at first site with a senior at her new high school. She follows him to college and begins a journey of love and self discovery.
  • The Untamed [China, 2019] – Wei Wu Xian returns from the dead to help solve the mystery behind the events leading to his death with his best friend Lan Wang Ji.

October 27

  • Wait, My Youth [China, 2019] – Six friends journey into adulthood, find love, and have their relationships tested.

October 28

  • Little Miss Sumo [Japan, 2018] – A female sumo wrestler fights against tradition and stigma to win her place in the ring.

October 29

  • Tunnel [Thailand, 2019] – A detective finds himself transported 30 years into the future unable to return to his own time until he solves a string of grisly crimes.

October 30

  • Bring It On, Ghost [South Korea, 2016] – An amnesiac high school girl who has been dead for five years moves in with a college student exorcist.
  • Sleepless Society: Bedtime Wishes [Thailand, 2019] – Strange things begin to happen when a woman goes to visit her boyfriend’s hotel. What dark and dangerous secrets is he hiding?
  • Tomorrow, With You [South Korea, 2017] – The head of real estate firm has the ability to time travel and sees himself with a miserable future. Can marrying a photographer change his fate?

October 31

  • Kengan Ashura Part 2 [Japan, Anime, 2019] – The story of Ohma Tokita who fights in brutal gladiatorial battles to settle corporate disputes continue.
  • Nowhere Man [Taiwan, 2019] – A man on death row schemes a jailbreak to save his kidnapped son.
  • Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories Season 2 [Japan, 2019] – The master returns for another season of sharing dishes and bringing connections to his customers.


  • I’ve read some discussion online that Bpoop Phaeh Saniwaat (2018), a Thai drama also called Love Destiny, is going to be coming to Netflix but it appears to only be on Netflix Asia. Do you know anything about how these shows are assigned to different areas of Netflix? This is a great show and I really hope it goes to North America.

    • Sometimes they will be released first in their country of origin and ripple through to different countries anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to a few months later. I would love it if more Thai and Japanese dramas made it to the US Netflix.

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