Coming to Netflix: August 2019

Announcements of Asian dramas and movies coming to Netflix are starting to trickle in! Stay tuned to this post to check out the latest arrivals.

August 1

  • 3 Idiots [India, 2009] – This award-winning film follows two friends who reunite years later to find their long-lost elusive college buddy.
  • Darna Mana Hai [India, 2003] – Six friends finds themselves stranded and decide to tell horror stories to pass the time, each more scary than the next, but things take a frightening turn when they start to go missing.
  • Ek Hasina Thi [India, 2004] – This romantic thriller follows a woman who breaks out of jail to seek revenge on the man who framed her for underworld crimes she did not commit.
  • Ferrari Ki Sawaari [India, 2012] – A father finds himself involved with a stolen Ferrari as he struggles to get the funds to send his son to a leading cricket academy.
  • Wazir [India, 2016] – A grieving detective finds himself in a conspiracy more complicated than imagined when he decides to help an amputee grandmaster settle the score of his tragic past.

August 5

  • Enter the Anime [Japan, 2019] – This documentary dives into just what anime is with notable masterminds of the genre.

August 8

  • The Naked Director [Japan, 2019] – This series follows the life of one of Pinku’s (Japanese softcore) directors during the heyday of its movement.
  • Wu Assassins Season 1 [US, 2019] – Not a “true” Asian drama, but this series follows the story of a young Chinatown Chef who becomes entangled with the Chinese Triad’s pursuit of deadly ancient powers.

August 9

  • Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil [India, 2018] – This film follows a couple whose interactions over the course of a Mumbai evening strain their relationship to the breaking point.

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