2Moons2 The Series Episode 1

If you did not watch 2Moons The Series, no worries, this sequel is more like a reboot with the company deciding they did not want the original cast, but wanted a fresh new cast, the majority of them being first-time actors. When beginning with this series, they decided to recap the original series in the first three episodes. You will then get to see more of a relationship resolution with our three couples. If you watched the first series, then you’d know that Wayo and Pha had a good beginning at the end, Kit and Ming were dancing around each other with Ming pursuing Kit and Kit trying to resist him, and Beam and Forth had no relationship at all. The writer of the internet novel was also involved in choosing the cast for this series.

2Moons2 Special Episodes + Episode 1 with English Subtitles

My thoughts? The newbie actors are okay. There are weak moments and good moments within the first episode. I will not lie, I really miss our original cast. It is weird not seeing them reprise their role and I really would like to see the resolution of the drama with the originals, but oh well. On the upside, if you didn’t watch 2Moons, you have nothing to compare against, so at least it is fresh for you.

Since they are condensing the original story into 3 episodes, it’s super fast and to me you can’t really feel as much of a buildup with relationships like you could in the first. The subtitles are decent. They are not CC subtitles, but rather hardsubs on the official YouTube channel of the media company producing the drama.

Unlike the first series, we don’t get to see Pha’s and Wayo’s early beginnings and Wayo’s high school heartache, but that is okay. We open with Wayo and his best friend Mingkwan (usually goes by plain Ming) checking on Wayo’s acceptance to a university. Wayo is happy to see he got in and Ming knows that even though it means they are going to the same school, Wayo is happy for a whole other reason…the guy Wayo likes is also attending that school.

Ming being Ming has to point out that Wayo’s crush never knew of his existence in high school, but Wayo doesn’t care. He is just happy he will finally be able to see his long-time crush after a year or so. We then cut to a scene where you see Wayo (who is the beloved only son of a wealthy man, by the way) has a “shrine” to his crush. Lot of pictures and mementos.

Of course, the first person our rich boy runs into is his crush Phana (who goes by just Pha)! Unfortunately it is not a good meeting as Pha doesn’t like the fact that Wayo’s servants moved him into the dorms. At “Shorty’s” age, shouldn’t he be doing stuff by himself? Wayo looks around confused. Who is Pha talking to? He then realizes it is himself. Wayo says he is not short as hes 178 centimeters (roughly 5′ 10″). But that is shorter than Pha, so he is a shorty to Pha. Wayo mouths off to Pha and then runs away.

Wayho complains of his first meeting to Ming who responds it is actually a good thing. How so? Well in Korean dramas, the guy and girl always start with fighting and end up getting together at the end. Isn’t this a good sign for Wayo? Yo looks at his friend and tells him to switch majors from Engineering to screenwriting.

During the start of year meetings, the different majors have to choose a boy and girl and represent them in a campus-wide competition to essentially choose the number one boy and girl. Boys are referred to as moons and the girls as stars. While they ponder who to choose, Phana and friends enter the gym. Seeing everyone there, Pha goes to leave, but he is called over to give advice to the new class. Pha just tells them fighting and leaves to the crowd going crazy.

After Pha and crew leave, Wayo’s newly made friends from Biology decide he’s perfect for the role of moon for their faculty. Wayo doesn’t have the confidence, but when put to a vote, his classmates all decide unanimously that he is just right. He then is asked a question to determine if he is the right person for the job. The question? “What is love?” The series opens with Wayo commenting on his answer to that question changing his life forever.

Ming is happy for his friend and jokes that Pha was the campus moon last year and the moons and stars from the previous year are required to help out the moon and star candidates this year. This means that Wayo and Pha will have plenty interactions.

Wayo wakes up the next morning and peeks out the door to see who is making noise so early and it is none other than his beloved P’Pha! Pha is getting notes from Pink who lives across from Wayo. Once Pha has the notes and turns around, he sees Wayo watching him and Wayo dives back into his room. Pha is angry and knocks on Wayo’s door, scolding him for peeping. Wayo quickly makes his bed and tries to be presentable to open up the door for the angry Pha, but Pha is gone and Ming is in his place.

It turns out that Ming managed to become the moon for his faculty just so he could be nosy and watch Wayo and Pha! This also means the two besties will be competing against one another. Pha quickly cleans up and the two head on over where a photoshoot of candidates is going on.

While Ming and Wayo are getting their makeup done, Pha arrives with the other stars and moons in tow. Just like before, everyone goes gaga over Pha’s appearance. Even Ming is surprised how hot Dr. Pha has gotten in a year. Pha is surprised to see Wayo was chosen as a candidate and the two have an argument about Wayo’s abilities. Wayo declares he will become the new moon and be better than last year’s moon (aka Pha).

Later, Wayo is buying a drink and Pha comes up teasing him about how sissy pink milk is. Pha then orders a milk tea and pink milk as well. Wayo throws Pha’s words back at him. Pha then hands Wayo the drink saying it is for him before leaving. Wayo is over the moon. He gives his drink back and takes the one Pha bought.

Ming cannot believe Wayo’s attitude and asks if Wayo will keep it in his room with all the other Pha photographs and collections. Wayo at first says yes, but then says no. He is just happy because it is the first thing Pha ever gave him. Unfortunately his happiness doesn’t last long because when he and Ming return to the gathering of moons and stars, everyone had drinks bought by Pha.

Wayo runs out and throws away the drink, kicking the wastebasket. This catches the attention of a senior called Forth. He wonders if Wayo is okay. Wayo keeps his mouth shut about just what is bothering him. Forth says that is okay as he will wait until Wayo wants to talk to someone. Enter Pha to tell Forth that someone is looking for him. He then asks if Forth if flirting with Wayo. Why would Pha care?

Forth leaves and Pha turns to Wayo asking what is wrong. Wayo then pulls out his wallet to pay Pha back for the drink. Pha refuses to take the money. Wayo is unhappy that he is not “special” for Pha. So Pha tells him to take the money and buy himself a “special” ice cream.

So…Wayo is magically happy again and uses his money he was going to give to Pha to buy himself and Ming ice cream. Ming is mystified by his friend’s sudden mood change, but whatever. I missed Ming’s commentary from the first season on this as he was questioning how it was a treat from Pha when it was Wayo’s money all the time. Good question, ne?

In his dorm, Wayo passes by another male student. Both of them stop and back up staring each other up and down. Wayo breaks the silence by saying this boy looks familiar to him…why? This earns him a slap in the head. How can Wayo not recognize his high school senior. Ah, it’s P’Kat. Another knock to the head. Say that again? P’Kit. Kit is one of Pha’s closest friends.

Kit tells Wayo that Pha is also in that building so if he needs anything to go pay Pha a visit. Wayo rejects this right away saying Pha bullies him. This surprises Kit as Pha is not the type to bully anyone, so what happened. Yo keeps his mouth zipped. Guess he didn’t want to say he was instigating Dr. Pha, huh? Wayo also requests that Kit keep his identity a secret from Pha less the bullying gets worse. Kit agrees and gets Wayo’s phone number. Later that night while Wayo is asleep, he gets a call from Kit.

The next day at the meeting of stars and moons, Wayo and Ming keep talking to each other while the leader is telling them how they have to pair up with someone for their special beach photoshoot. Their topic? Of course it’s about Pha and his two best friends Kit and Beam. This trio have been attending the same schools and been best friends from elementary school until now. Wayo admires that. The leader then asks if they are dating and which one is the top and bottom of the relationship. Wayo smiles and says they aren’t like that, they are just friends.

After the meeting, Wayo goes up to Kit to get some snacks and say hi. He also wants to know why Kit called him last night. This surprises Kit. He called Wayo? He checks his phone and sure enough there is a call to Wayo. Kit says that he was just calling Wayo out for a drink. Beam is then introduced to the much changed Wayo. Enter Pha who asks if they know each other. Beam was going to tell Pha just who Wayo really is and Beam’s mouth is stuffed with food to keep the secret. Kit then takes Beam away and Pha accuses Wayo of flirting with his friends. Seriously, Pha. When Kit and Beam are alone, Beam wants to know why they aren’t telling Pha who Yo is. Kit just reminds Beam about a heart-to-heart chat the trio had in high school which ended that conversation.

Later, Pha is trying to return the notes he borrowed from Pink but she is not in, so he leaves the notes with Wayo saying Pink will be back in half an hour or so. Wayo takes the notes, but not after getting teased about the mud pack he has on his face. He holds out his hand. What? Wayo says he won’t do the task for free. Pha promises to buy him a pink milk later and gives him a candy bar in the meantime. Wayo is once again happy. As Pha turns to leave, Wayo calls out to wish his test studies to go well. Of course Pha has to stress just how smart he is.

Wayo is running behind schedule the next day and Forth happens to spot him and offer a ride. Wayo accepts and the two hurry to the meeting. Fourth asks for Yo’s number and Wayo readily agrees. Wayo is scolded for his tardiness. Pha asks if Yo has anything to say to him since he has a test. Wayo is flummoxed. What would he say to Pha? Didn’t Wayo cheer for him yesterday? Wayo still doesn’t get it and Pha walks away. Enter Ming to call Wayo an idiot for not understanding what Pha was getting at. Ming also says that it was obvious that Pha was jealous that Wayo was talking to another guy. Ming also brings to Wayo’s attention that Pha left him a pink milk. Sure, he bought one for everyone, right? Nope. This time it is just for Wayo.

Wayo rushes after Pha to wish him luck on the exam. Pha then asks for a reward if he gets the top score. What reward? Wayo will need to buy Pha Sushi. Yo agrees and Pha walks away with a huge smile on his face.

End episode.

One comment

  • The speed was a bit fast compared to the original. However, I am still elated that it got the greenlight, especially since the writer was finally on board with this cast. So far, I am liking the chemistry the cast has as a whole. It makes a difference. I wasn’t that attached to the first cast, but loved the first season. In my opinion, I doubt this will be the last time a remake or various version will be done. Maybe in the future, there won’t be as much drama surrounding it as the first two. Great post!

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