Coming to Netflix: July 2019

Curious about just which Asian dramas and movies are headed to Netflix’s streaming library in July 2019? Read on to find out. Bookmark this post as I will be updating it weekly!

July 1

  • Designated Survivor: 60 Days [South Korea, 2019] – The National Assembly suffers an attack and it is up to the Minister of the Environment to find a way to lead Korea through the chaos.
  • Flowering Heart [South Korea, Anime, 2016] – This Korean magical girl series follows an ordinary student who gains extraordinary powers after a mysterious encounter.
  • Molang Season 1 [South Korea, Anime, 2015] – A big-hearted bunny and his shy chick friend explore the joys of their world.
  • NOVA: Chinese Chariot Revealed [2017] – A team of experts builds a Chinese chariot to unlock the secrets of an object that dominated Chinese warfare for millennium.
  • NOVA: Thai Cave Rescue [2018] – This follows the race against time to rescue 12 young soccer players trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand.
  • Pororo – The Little Penguin Season 5 [Anime, 2014] – Because of Running Man, I forever think of Haha whenever Pororo is mentioned.
  • Tayo the Little Bus Season 2 [Anime, 2016] – Tayo and his friends explore new sites and go on exciting adventures as they learn their routes.
  • Tayo the Little Bus Movie: Mission: Ace [South Korea, 2016] – Little blue bus Tayo goes to toy land with Dur and Hana to save Duri’s favorite car ace.
  • Titipo Titipo Season 1 [South Korean Anime, 2017] – Titipo is a train determined to show that he has what it takes to help people of Train Village ride the rails safely.
  • Zombie Dumb Season 1 [South Korea, Anime] – A young girl befriends a group of zombie kids with distinctive personalities.

July 2

  • Bangkok Love Stories: Objects of Affection [Thailand, 2019] – A street artist with multiple personality disorder becomes worse after witness a double murder. A kind computer repairman falls for her and tries to help her.
  • Bangkok Love Stories: Plead [Thailand, 2019] – A fortuneteller is warned by his father not to leave, but he goes out to do fortunes and tells a woman she will lose a loved one. When it happens, she blames the young man. He has been blind since he told her fortune. They fall for each other, but their love is destined to end in disaster.

July 4

  • Kakegurui Season 2 [Japan, 2019] – This story picks up where the 2018 live action left off with even higher stakes as Jabami Yumeko looks for the ultimate gambling thrill.

July 5

  • The Legend of White Snake [China, 2019] – What happens when a snake demon who is trying to cultivate on the good path falls in love with a human medical practitioner (seriously, the main couple were so cute together).

July 8

  • Krishna Balram Season 1 [India, Anime, 2007] – This series follows the action-packed lives of Lord Krishna and his brother Balram from playing pranks to destroying demons.

July 11

  • Cities of Last Things [Taiwan, 2018] – A man with a complicated past takes revenge on those who wronged him in the past. This movie is told in reverse chronological order.

July 12

  • One Spring Night [South Korea, 2019] – A librarian decides to prioritize happiness in her life. What will she do when she starts falling for a pharmacist single father while she is still dating her long-time boyfriend who is the department head of a bank and comes from a wealthy family?

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