Coming to Netflix: June 2019

Check out the new Asian dramas, movies, and anime coming to streaming giant Netflix in June 2019.

June 5

  • A Silent Voice [Anime, 2017] – A hearing impaired girl was badly bullied in elementary school. Years later in high school, a former bully tries to make amends.

June 7

  • Stree [India, 2018] – Once a year, men in a small village live in fear of being abducted by a female spirit. One man doesn’t believe the legends until he falls for the spirit himself!

June 10

  • Upin & Ipin Season 1 [Anime, 2007] – This Malaysian series follows two mischievious twins and their friends as they enjoy their daily lives.

June 13

  • Kakeguri Season 2 [Anime, 2019] – The stakes are even higher in season 2 for the students of Hyakkou Academy.
  • The 3rd Eye 2 [Indonesia, 2019] – Things go very wrong for orphaned teen Nadia and orphanage worker Alia when they investigate strange voices heard in the walls.

June 15

  • Bal Ganesh [Anime, 2007] – This Indian film chronicles the life of and exploits of Lord Ganesh and his companion Mooshak during their childhood.
  • Bal Ganesh 2 [Anime, 2009] – This sequel follows elephant god Bal Ganesh as he rises through the ranks of the gods.
  • Bal Ganesh and Friends from Zeba [Anime, 2015] – Bal Ganesh’s three devotees travel to another planet to share his teachings with extraterrestrial friends.
  • Bal Ganesh and the Pomzon Planet [Anime, 2017] – Bal Ganesh and his brother Kartikey must journey into space to rescue their captive friends whose spaceship crash landed on Pomzon by accident.
  • Ghatothkach 2 [Anime, 2013] – This movie is a follow-up film focusing on the son of demigod Bheema, Ghatothkach who is imbued with extraordinary powers and must journey with his friends to thwart the demon Lankasoor’s plans.
  • The Legend of Buddha [Anime, 2004] – This movie follows the life of Siddhartha Gautama who was born as the heir of a Himalayan kingdom, but who prophecy foretells will turn to a spiritual path instead.

June 18

June 20

  • Rakkhosh [India, 2019] – A patient in an asylum finds his grasp on reality threatened as fellow patients begin disappearing.

June 21

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Season 1 [Anime, 1995-96] – It has been 15 years since a major cataclysm. Shinji is a teenage boy recruited by his father to join Nerv to pilot a bio-machine mecha in combat against alien beings known as “angels.” A classic and and angsty anime.
  • Evangelion: Death (True)² [Anime, 1997] – I think this is the first movie known as Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth, but let me know if I am wrong. The first part is Death which is an run-through of the anime series with additional clips while Rebirth is 27 minutes of new footage which becomes the beginning of the next movie.
  • The End of Evangelion [Anime, 1997] – This movie serves as an alternative ending to the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

June 22

  • Triple Threat [2019] – This Asian martial arts flick has two mercenaries recruited for a rescue mission in Thailand to free prisoners. Unbeknownst to them, one of the prisoners is a terrorist.

June 24

  • Forest of Piano Season 2 [Anime, 2019] – Based on the manga Piano no Mori – The Perfect World of KAI by Isshiki Makaoto, this anime follows Kai who grew up playing an abandoned piano in the woods and his chance meeting with Shuhei whose father is a famous pianist.

June 25

  • Tottaa Pataaka Item Maal [India, 2018] – Four women decide to teach one man how it feels to be afraid of being raped…on a daily basis.

June 26

  • Hikaru Utada Laughter in the Dark Tour 2018 [Japan, 2018] – Join Utada Hikaru as she celebrates 20 years since her debut with the final performance of her Laughter in the Dark Tour at Makuhari Messe.
  • Unbroken [India] – This documentary by Aaamir Khan focuses on three individuals whose loved ones were brutally murdered and who healed through forgiveness.
    **Did not start streaming yet**

June 27

  • Answer for Heaven [Thailand, 2019] – An angel comes to earth to investigate the reason behind the fall in good deeds being done and falls in with a hard-charging crime reporter and his crew. It’s a drama where Kan is the leading male? Yes, please.

June 28

  • 7Seeds: Part 1 [Anime, 2019] – Based on the manga of the same name by Tamura Yumi, this anime focuses on a group of people chosen to ensure the survival of humanity. The manga was super gritty, so I can only imagine the anime will the be the same. I did like the manga, but never actually finished it.
  • Super Bheem Season 1 [Anime, 2017] – This Indian anime series follows Super Bheem and his gang of friends as they travel to fantastical lands to save the day.

June 29

  • RK Nagar [India, 2018] – A man struggling to make ends meet thinks things are looking up when he falls for a politician’s daughter until he gets caught up in a murder case.
    **hasn’t started streaming yet.**

Below are titles I missed or overlooked that came in the month of June (possibly the end of May as well).

Recently Added Dramas

Arthdal Chronicles [South Korea, 2019] – In the mythical land of Arth the ancient city of Arthdal and the surrounding regions vie for power as they struggle to build a new society.

Hyper Hardboiled Gourmet Report [Japan, 2017] – This variety show focuses on the precarious and dangerous circumstances of an essential to life—eating.

Kiss: The Series [Thailand, 2016] – Sandee wakes up in bed with her good friend. No matter what this will change their relationship forever…but in a good or bad way? This is the first part of this series. There is a prequel and this year a sequel will air.

March Comes in Like a Lion Seasons 1-2 [Anime, 2017] – A 17-year-old professional shogi player who was orphaned at a young age starts to come out of his shell when three sisters take him under their wings.

Melodies of Life: Born This Way [Thailand, 2016] – A celebrated pastry chef and his staff embark on bittersweet adventures in love, work, and friendship.

Roonpi Secret Love [Thailand, 2016] – This series is also known as Secret Love or Senior Secret Love. It contains three 6-episode dramas. First is My Lil Boy about high school senior Belle pursuing a shy junior. Next is Puppy Honey where a handsome vet student pursues a dog-phobic junior to save his club (this also has  sequel focusing on the BL side couple). Last we have Bake Me Love where a baking blogger falls for her critic.

SOTUS: The Series [Thailand, 2016] – An incoming freshman in tge school of engineering, Kongpob, challenges the hazing of his seniors causing big conflict between himself and head hazer Arthit, but what happens when sparks of another kind begin to fly?

Recently Added Movies

Bal Hanuman 2 [Anime, 2010] – Lord Hanuman must use his super powers to thwart vultures, crocodiles, and alien invaders.

From Japan to Egypt [Middle Eastern, 2017] – An Egyptian man’s wife relocates back to Japan leaving him with their two children. He sets out to win her back.

Koi Aap Sa [India, 2006] – Rohan is a star athlete who has his eye on a beautiful art student, but he drops everything when his best friend experiences a crisis.

Krishna Cottage [India, 2004] – This thriller focuses on the relationship of star-crossed lovers when another woman comes between them.

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