Coming Soon to Netflix: November 2018 Part 2

Thanksgiving is already next Thursday in the US. Where has time gone, yeoreobun? I have been meaning to get more updates done, especially finishing up my DramaFever alternative post, but I have not been ambitious enough. Although, I have restarted my Korean studies which I’ve let slide by the wayside for awhile. So…yeah. Slowly, but surely, I am improving. I am still kicking myself for not taking Japanese which was offered at my alma mater, but I discovered this too late to work it into my final year of college studies.

Holidays mean its time to catch up on dramas and movies. Check out the latest additions and new movies hitting Netflix soon.

Recently Added

I didn’t have a link available when I did my post last week, so just to reiterate, Love O2O is now available. This popular Chinese drama stars Zheng Shuang, Yang Yang, and Bai Yu.

A man who is stuck being unable to marry until his sister marries first, enlists the help of a love guru to woo her in All’s Well, End’s Well. This Cantonese flick stars Louis Koo, Sandra Ng Kwan Yue, and Raymond Wong. A goat becoming a divine superstar? That’s what happens in Yeh Hai Bakrapur. When a poor family’s goat acquires divine status, chaos ensues when a widespread frenzy to see it sparks.

If you like Thai LGBTQ movies and dramas, they have added the popular Yes or No movies. We have Yes or No 2 starring Supanart Jittaleela, Sushar Manaying, and Nisa Boonsantear. The original movie has two girls becoming roommates at school and falling for each other. This movie, oddly enough, is NOT available, so no way to see the start of the series on Netflix. You can follow the story of Kim and Pie as they must face new hurdles to their relationship after graduation.

Supanart Jittaleela, Pimpakan Bangchawong, and Changsakorn Kittiwattanakorn star in Yes or No 2.5. Wine and Pie are roommates whose lives are turned upside down when two ladies movie in next door bringing up past heartbreak and new attractions.

Coming Soon

November 15

Ah, horror. I am not a person who enjoys being terrified, so I avoid most horror movies. Chelsea Islan, Pevita Pearce, and Samo Rafael star in Indonesian horror flick May the Devil Take You. In search of answers to her father’s mysterious illness, a daughter travels to his old home and uncovers a horrific truth from the past.

November 23

Ascharya F*** It (no link yet) goes beneath Mumbai’s glitzy veneer to reveal ugly truths as we follow the entangled lives of a movie star, chauffeur, prostitute, and a pimp.

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