Music of the Moment: VAV “Senorita”

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I mean, since I’ve done a music post that is. So, I knew of VAV’s existence before, but sadly don’t think I have listened to much of their music. Then, I fell down a rabbit hole of watching fansign experiences on YouTube and found Seoulmates‘s channel and saw all the different kpop events she went to and I dug more into VAV.

In October they dropped a new single called “Senorita.” This is actually a Korean remake of a song by German artist Kay One which featured Pietro Lombardi. I won’t lie, I am not familiar with the original song or artists as the only German music I’ve ever really listened to was by bands Pur and Tokyo Hotel. But, you can check it out below. It’s really interesting to hear the more gutteral German mixed with the Spanish part of the lyrics.

The chorus is so addictive! I have been listening to the song on repeat and can actually sort of sing along to the chorus. Impressive considering it features Korean and Spanish and I am usually better at singing along to the songs that feature English lyrics because my brain picks that up first (native language and all that jazz). And, like all kpop artists seem to do, they did a Halloween version of this song. Chucky (evil doll from Child’s Play)

It is a riot to watch this with them wearing costumes while performing the song. The members are St. Van (Grim Reaper), Ace (Harry Potter), Jacob (Joker), BaRon (Chucky), Lou (Woody), Ziu (Buzz Lightyear), Ayno (Dracula). The single is available via iTunes and is included in your Apple Music subscription of you have one.

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