Asian Dramas & Movies on Netflix: October 2018 Part 4

More Thai dramas? Yes, please. Yes, you can watch them on YouTube on GDH’s (stands for Gross Domestic Happiness, by the way) official channel, but it’s also nice to be able to watch them via Netflix on your TV as well. I am agonizingly slow on the DramaFever drama list, but I’m getting there. Thanks for those who have lent their hand! It’s still slow inputting all the links, lol.

And, Fights Break Sphere is done. What shall I do with my life now? Was this drama amazingly good? Eh…no. But it was mostly enjoyable except for a few laggy and contradictory plotlines. Can we have a season two now to see what happens to our hero in his second life?

Recently Added

If you are into stories involving teenagers, sports, friendships, family, and more, then you should definitely check out Thai drama series Project S. This features four dramas with not too many episodes to devour. First up is Spike! which follows friendships and the strain put on them when one friend moves to another school and another volleyball team. Do you like badminton? Check out a pair of cousins who play doubles in Side by Side. One is autistic (I believe) and very talented. Their relationship is tested as the strain of the illness starts to wear on the younger cousin. Then we have the more dark S.O.S. This arc follows a teen boy who falls deep into depression and the high expectations by his family and school only deepen his troubles. He goes from cutting himself to attempting to commit suicide. The only thing that makes him feel good again is skateboarding, but he must come to terms with people who don’t understand his illness on his road to recovery. The final drama in this series is Shoot! I Love You in which a girl drags her friend with her to learn archery in order to get near the person she likes.

Netflix adds the English version of movie Baahubali: The Beginning which follows villagers who rescue a baby who is destined to embark upon a heroic quest. Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam versions are also available. Looking for something inspirational? An idealistic young woman travels to the jungles of Indonesia to teach literacy and more to the local children in The Jungle School starring Prisia Nasution, Nyungsang Bungo, Rukman Rosadi.

Coming Soon

November 1

Another darker Thai drama involving college students is set to start streaming on Netflix. The Judgement stars Lapassalal Jiravechsoontornkul, Nontanun Anchuleepradit, and Thanabordee Jaiyen. A traumatic incident at a party makes a young woman the target of derision and she sets out to try to change her school’s toxic culture.

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  • Thanks for listing Asian dramas coming to Netflix. I’ve tried other sources but they usually only list U.S. shows. Currently I just discovered Game Winning Hit with Lego Lee (Netflix). I had no idea it was a serious drama – I was expecting a romcom per the usual Taiwanese production. It’s surprisingly good.

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