Asian Dramas & Movies on Netflix: October 2018 Part 3

So, with DramaFever going out of business, will Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Viki pick up some of their exclusive titles? Will On Demand Korea bring on DramaFever’s Korean dramas with English subtitles? Time will tell. That being said, here are some updates to Asian dramas and movies coming soon or freshly landed on Netflix (in the US at least).

Recently Added

In Naa Bangaaru Talli, a young woman is eager to pursue her studies in Hyderbad only to face tragic consequences of sex trafficking thanks to her father’s dark double life. This movie stars Siddique, Anjali Patil, and Lakshmi Menon. Are thrillers more your style? Catch Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, and Vic Chou in the action-packed S Storm which follows an anti-corruption investigator who is forced to join forces with a detective to bring down a syndicate involved in sports betting.

If you’re interested in dramas, recently aired Accidentally in Love (Re Sang Leng Dian Xia/Provoking the Evil-doing Cold Highness) is now available. A young woman who is the daughter of a wealthy family wants to avoid an arranged marriage and find her one true love. She decides to change her appearance when she goes to college to see if someone can love a poor, ugly girl. In school she becomes deskmates with a famous idol and while they originally bicker, love begins to blossom. Can they survive a media maelstrom and the wrath of her family?

The previews look cute, but I have to say that Yi Ning Sun still looks adorable even when they are trying to play her off as ugly. And…why does ugly equal short, wild hair and glasses? This drama also stars Guo Jun Chen and Yi Qin Zhao.

Coming Soon

October 29

On October 29, Korean drama The Sound of Your Heart will be getting a reboot! This version stars Sung Hoon, Kwon Yuri, and Tae Hang Ho. Webtoonist Cho Seok is back with more anecdotes and mix-ups and unintended antics. What’s fun is that the trailer opens with Sung Hoon (who plays Cho Seok in this version) talking about how Lee Kwang Soo plays him on television (Kwang Soo played him in the original version).

October 31

On Halloween we finally are getting another new Thai drama! It’s fitting for the time of year. It is a mystery thriller based on news about what happened to 13 girls (not sure if this means that they created the series based on stories of what happened to real high school students or not). With a corrupt educational system, bullying, and worse things happening at a school, a mysterious girl named Nanno comes and dares to expose the dark reality and take revenge. This drama is known as Girl from Nowhere: The Series (aka New Kid The Series/Dek Mai The Series).

November 1

No links available yet for these movies.

Ok, not technically October anymore, but on November 1, learn more about the Philippine-American war in 1899 with historical biopic Heneral Luna (literally translates to General Luna). This movie follows Antonio Luna’s tireless fight to win independence for his country from the US. There is no link for this movie available yet.

Indonesian film The Raid: Redemption (aka The Raid 2) stars Iko Uwais and Yahan Ruhian. A SWAT team raids an apartment building that houses a dangerous gang only to become trapped on the seventh floor with limited ammunition. Can they successfully complete their mission?

Unrelated to Netflix, but if you didn’t get to watch or finish Revenge Note seasons 1 and 2 on DramaFever, they are available on KOCOWA and will be coming soon to Viki!


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