Coming Soon to Netflix: 9/28 & 10/5

Did everyone have a good weekend? I hope so. It’s Monday. So it’s time to dive into what new Asian movies and Asian dramas have landed on Netflix during the past week and also to check into what is listed as coming soon. Excited?

Not too many announcements yet for October or even for shows and movies that have recently started streaming since my last post. I’m still excited for Animal World when it hits Netflix this week. Fingers crossed that it is good. I should check out Fujiwara Tatsuya’s Kaiji movies, too. I liked him as Light in Death Note (the original movies) and as the reclusive cop in ST.

New to Netflix

I love Shawn Yue since catching him starring opposite Jang Nara in Good Morning, Shanghai. He’s an excellent actor. You can now catch his 2016 movie Mad World.  A bipolar stockbroker goes to live with his estranged father in a cramped flat where old resentments rise to the surface.

Coming Soon to Netflix

September 28

Guess what? More Indonesian films are headed to Netflix US’s streaming library! Jessica Mila, Denny Sumargo, and Citra Prima star in horror film The 3rd Eye in which a woman goes to a psychic once her little sister announces she can see ghosts and her own eyes are opened to the malevolent spirits inhabiting their childhood home.

October 5

Do you like mockumentaries? How about Big Bang’s Seungri and the YG Family in general? Check out YG Future Strategy Office. Seungri tries to lead a team of bumbling staff at YG’s Future Strategy Office in this sitcom. The baby of Big Bang is definitely busy while his hyungs are serving out their military duties.

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