Lee Dong Wook’s LIFE Coming to Netflix US Tomorrow!

life-2018kdramaI thought I had seen a Korean drama when I was going through Netflix updates. I overlooked it when I was actually writing my post yesterday. Bad me.

Rejoice lovers of Lee Dong Wook! His drama LIFE will begin streaming in the US on September 12 (yes, tomorrow!). Good news on a such a somber day of remembrance. Has it really been 17 years already? I was sitting in my advanced math class in high school watching the news when it happened.

I regress. LIFE also stars Cho Seung Woo, Lee Kyu Hung, Yoo Jae Myung, Moon So Ri, and Won Jin Ah. How great is it that Netflix gets the availability to stream this drama once it officially ends today. Ye Jin Woo is a warm-hearted doctor with charisma working in the emergency medical center at Sangkook University Hospital. When his favorite director mysteriously dies and a businessman takes over hoping to turn a profit, the two come into conflict as Jin Woo struggles to keep his emergency department alive.

I think this is the only one I missed. If you see any more, drop me a line!

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