More Asian Dramas on YouTube with English Subtitles

If you live in the US, happy labor day! Boy have I spent the weekend laboring! Picking veggies, canning veggies, and hurting myself in the process of doing so. Thus, I have not been able to do everything I had wanted to get done this weekend. Such is life. Here are more dramas with English subtitles! Since there are so many, my apologies right away for not adding synopses. As always, clicky here for the full list.

So besides having my playlist where I throw first episodes of dramas I find with English subtitles, I have tried doing something different with my YouTube channel so that when you visit it, you can see all the dramas I have found. This will take some time, but I hope that it will be helpful to you all. I may work on figuring out different sections later, but will see how much time and energy it takes. YouTube is currently being difficult, so it’s not quite what I would like yet.

Chinese Drama

  1. Across the Ocean to See You
  2. Advance Bravely
  3. The Advisors Alliance
  4. All About Secrets
  5. All Quiet in Peking
  6. Arrow on the Bowstring
  7. Attack it, Lightning!
  8. Beautiful Secret
  9. Best Arrangement
  10. Best Get Going
  11. Beyond Light Years
  12. Blue Love [aka The Girl in Blue]
  13. The Cage of Love
  14. Chinese Paladin 5: Clouds of the World
  15. Chronicle of Love
  16. Cinderella Chef Season 1 & 2
  17. City Still Believes in Love
  18. The Classic of Mountains and Seas
  19. Code Thirteen
  20. Cruel Romance
  21. Delicious Destiny
  22. Desperate Love
  23. The Disguiser
  24. Divorce Lawyers
  25. Dragon Day, You’re Dead
  26. Empresses in the Palace
  27. The Endless Love (2017) [aka You Colored My World]
  28. Epiphyllum Dream
  29. Face Off
  30. The First Half of My Life
  31. The Great Protector
  32. The Golden Age of Leftover Ladies
  33. Good Time
  34. Go Princess Go
  35. Happy Noodle
  36. Head Above Water
  37. Heirs
  38. Hey Daddy
  39. Hey, Kids
  40. The Imperial Physician [aka Unruly Qiao]
  41. Journey to the West (2010)
  42. King Is Not Easy
  43. The King’s Woman
  44. The Legendary Tycoon
  45. Legend of Fuyao
  46. Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox
  47. Long Time No See
  48. Love Actually
  49. Love’s Lies
  50. A Love So Beautiful
  51. Love Through a Millennium 2
  52. Love Won’t Wait
  53. Mengfei Comes Across
  54. Men With Sword Season 1
  55. Meteor, Butterfly, Sword
  56. My Amazing Bride
  57. My Huckleberry Friends
  58. My Mr. Mermaid
  59. My Sunshine [aka Silent Separation]
  60. The New Snow Leopard
  61. Nirvana in Fire II: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin
  62. Oh My General
  63. Only Side By Side With You
  64. Operation Moscow
  65. Precious Youth
  66. Pretty Li Hui Zhen
  67. The Princess is Back
  68. Promise of Migratory Birds [aka 15 Years of Waiting for Migratory Birds]
  69. Rakshasa Street
  70. Rule the World
  71. Sealed with a Kiss
  72. A Seven-Faced Man
  73. Siege in Fog
  74. The Sound of the Desert
  75. A Splendid Life in Beijing
  76. Star April
  77. The Starry Night, The Starry Sea
  78. A Step Into the Past
  79. Sweet Combat
  80. Sweet Dreams
  81. The Taoism Grandmaster
  82. Think Before You Marry
  83. To Be A Better Man
  84. To Love To Heal
  85. Tomb of the Sea
  86. Troubled Times Three Brothers
  87. The Way We Were
  88. We Fall In Love
  89. When A Snail Falls in Love
  90. When Purity Meets Reality
  91. Where the Lost Ones Go
  92. Whirlwind Girl Season 1
  93. Whirlwind Girl Season 2
  94. You Are My Sisters
  95. Youth

I removed My Ruby Blood. After one year, only the first episode was subbed. I also removed iPartment Season 4 as still only the first episodes are subbed.

Korean Drama

  1. Big Man
  2. Blade Man
  3. Blood [not yet available in the US]
  4. Discovery of Love
  5. The Flatterer
  6. Fortune Teller’s Secret Recipe
  7. Full House Take 2
  8. Gunman in Joseon
  9. Healer [not yet available in the US]
  10. Hot and Sweet
  11. I Am
  12. Love Returns
  13. Lovers of Music [aka Trot Lovers]
  14. Love to the End
  15. Marry Me Now [not yet available in the US]
  16. Matching! Boys Archery
  17. Mysterious Personal Shopper
  18. Nightmare Teacher
  19. Playful Kiss
  20. Short
  21. Sunny Again Tomorrow
  22. To. Jenny
  23. Traces of the Hand
  24. Unkind Ladies
  25. What’s With Money?

Thai Drama

  1. The Gifted Series
  2. Love Bipolar
  3. My Secret Friend
  4. YOUniverse

Thai Variety

  1. OffGunFunNight

In doing this, I’m reminded of how much a quagmire YouTube can be…or a swamp that sucks you in and tries its best to trap you. I start in one place and do a chain of link checking on videos and BOOM! A bajillion hours later. Phew.


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