Massive Update for Asian Dramas with English Subtitles on YouTube!

Eh, it’s only been a year, right? So that isn’t bad at all. I do have a playlist where I throw on dramas that I find, so you can always take a gander at that for the newest updates. So, on to which Asian dramas have English subtitles on YouTube right now.

This is only a sampling. Check out the full list for all the additions. I hope to be adding more within the next few days. There’s just been a ton of additions in a year, you know, lol.

Chinese Dramas

Got to love dramas based on Chinese novels. Bloody Romance is based on an erotic novel, but thankfully divorces that from the drama (the erotic part, I mean). Li Yi Tong stars as a young girl sold to a brothel in exchange for food for her father and little brother to live on. She escapes and ends up being taken in to a village of assassins known as Gui Hua City. She falls for her shadow which is forbidden. Oh, and there’s an exiled prince who also falls for her as well. Can they all survive and find a happy ending?

Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost…quite the name. Simply calling it Ashes of Love is very appropriate. The Flower Goddess passes away the day her daughter is born and the man she loves marries another woman. She commands her daughter be locked away for 10,000 years to overcome a love trial and also imparts a drug that keeps her daughter from falling in love. This leads to quite the tragedy and you may imagine.

Both seasons of popular vampire drama I Cannot Hug You are available. In this we have a vampire who feeds on animal energy move out on her own and become addicted to the tasty energy of the boy next door who happens to be a giant germaphobe who hates to be touched. You can then watch the leading lady of I Cannot Hug You in Dear Prince about an ordinary girl who has problems speaking in front of a lot of people who becomes possessed by the spirit of a popular actor in a coma who is male!

Catch Wallace Huo, Wang Kai, and Sandra Ma in popular drama Love Me if You Dare as these three band together to catch a nefarious killer. Another drama based on a novel is Colourful Bone. It has it all: action, political intrigue, fantasy, love, hate, life, and death. Jing Shu uses the forbidden art of changing faces to buy the life of a young man who turns out to be a formidable soldier of death whose sole goal is to kill the Crown Prince…Jing Shu’s future husband!

Check out the fourth season of online sketch comedy and variety show Diors Man starring Da Peng. And if you haven’t already, which is a downright shame, you need to watch Guardian starring Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long. Adapted from a BL novel, this hints at a deeper relationship, but its more of a bromance. A fantasy drama about a special police organization tasked with dealing with fantastical creatures and humans with otherwordly powers and their liaison from the other side who has been waiting 10,000 years for the reincarnation of his best friend. Can’t get enough of Bai Yu thanks to Guardian? Check out Suddenly This Summer in which a smart model students who loves to insert the people around her into manhua plots, finds love. What happens when they must part ways for college?

Victoria Song and Johnny Huang [of Gu Hai Addicted fame] star in Moonshine and Valentine aka The Love Knot: His Excellency’s First Love as a fox alien who lives his life watching the woman he loves reincarnate over and over again just to die. Can he stop this cycle and be together with her at long last? In Pretty Man, a woman marries the man of her dreams, only to have the marriage be a big sham thanks to the fact his half-brother in a coma was also in love with her. Can they find success in their careers and love?

Taiwanese Dramas

If you like BL dramas, three of HIStory stories from seasons 1 (My Hero) and 2 (Right or Wrong and Crossing the Line) have complete subs. Mike He stars in Tree in the River. Can opposites with certain animal-like traits find true love?

In Judo High, a student tricks their friend into forming a judo club with the hopes of earning enough points for graduation. Unfortunately, this attracts a host of students with unique personalities. Can they survive and pass?

Thai Dramas [aka Lakorns]

Mint To Be stars popular SOTUS actor Krist Perawat Sangpotirat who plays a former delinquent who is now a devoted gardener reunited with his ex-girlfriend who has transformed from a rebellious teen to a net idol. Can they rekindle their old romance?

Drake Sattabut Laedeke and Frank Thanatsaran Samthonglai star as Mork and Tee in Cause You’re My Boy aka My Tee. These boys have a secret past which they keep hidden. What starts off as a bad reunion due to a bad haircut from Mork to Tee, slowly develops into a romance. Can these boys find true love together?

Wake Up Ladies The Series finds a neurologist helping a group of women from all different walks of life and very different personalities find romance while also pursuing a man listed to be his own perfect match.

Starring much of the same cast of Kiss the Series, Kiss Me Again focuses more not on the main couple, but their friends and their own issues with life and love. In Fabulous 30s The Series, Ja is a successful woman whose perfect life crashes to a halt when her boyfriend calls it quits. Determined to lead a perfect single life, a new love interest enters and he’s seven years her junior!


  • I’ve been discovering more and more Chinese dramas on YouTube. A lot of your list I’ve been watching or PTW. I especially liked that someone also loves Jin Dong as much as me! A finished Arrows on the Bowstring and 8 of his last dramas! Discovering this cache wasnlike Christmas!!

    • It is amazing! It really is. I’ve been watching a lot, too. There’s so many more I still need to add, lol. Ahh Jin Dong is so amazing!

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