Asian Drama Streaming Updates on Netflix US–August 21, 2018

Here is what is slated to land in the streaming libraries of Netflix US and what has just recently been added in Asian dramas and movies for the past two weeks, minna-san!

In case I forgot to add the link in an earlier post, you can now watch Shawn Yue’s movie Love in a Puff here:

Now on Netflix

Catch Sierra Li, Dylan Xiong, and Yu Yi Jie in Pretty Man. This Chinese drama is a complicated love story involving two brothers and one girl. Sierra Li falls for Dylan Xiong when he transfers to her school, the only problem is that he’s the half-brother of her best friend who also likes her.

Liking Sean Jindachot’s previous series on Netflix? He’s got a new one available! They are now streaming Reality of Dream aka Chut Nat Fan which also stars Jintanutda Lummakanon, Charebelle Lanlalin, Aon Korakot Tunkaew, and Rath Rattasin Nalintanapat.

It’s probably not all that’s  available, but I have started adding Indiana dramas to the master Netflix list.

Coming Soon

On August 24, 2018 Chinese drama Take My Brother Away [kuai ba wo ge dai zou] lands. Joseph Zeng and Sun Qian star as siblings who just can’t get along. Big brother Shi Fen loves to torment his little sister to the point she wishes he can just be taken away. However, Shi Fen will not allow anyone else to bully her. The drama also stars Lv Xiao Yu and Wang Xu Dong.

Hungry for something less slapstick? Jump into horror webseries GHOUL starring Radhika Apte, Manav Kaul, and Ratnabali Bhattacharjee. This Indian drama follows a new prisoner at a military detention center who exhibits eerie behavior which sends a young investigator’s search for the truth into a battle for survival.

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